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My Home Security System And The Raccoon

Like many people, we had a home security system installed to protect us from potential thieves and carbon monoxide leaks. What we didn’t expect was that it would protect us from a pest. Our system alarmed if doors or windows were opened and if the motion detector picked something up in the garage.

We set the alarm and motion sensors before bed, just like every time before; but what happened later that night, was very different from any other time. Keep in mind, I was 8.5 months pregnant with our first child, and wasn’t sleeping very well at this point, when what happened, but the alarm went off. I was terrified and whacked my husband hard right on the shoulders. I sent him to go check it out, he got up and everything was closed, nothing had been disturbed. He reset the alarm and went back to bed. A few minutes later, it happened again. He checked the status of the alarm and it said it was the motion sensors that had been triggered. He went to the garage to check it out, didn’t see anything at first. But then, he heard a rustling noise. Grabbing the baseball bat, he walked over to where the sound was coming and smacked the boxes in the corner. A raccoon ran out from behind the boxes and was headed to the other side of the garage! I hobble out, yelling to my husband, asking if he is okay and when I open the door I see my husband trying to chase something I can not see. After he turned to tell me what he was after, I saw it. A little bandit in my garage! That’s what set off our home security system! It must havf859537f5a8a579f6cf56e6f1bd85f24daa881b4a006922f169c1aa5d3d8ffd8e tripped one of the motion detectors.

We had to get this pest out of our house. I opened the outside door to the garage hoping that he would just run out; but he didn’t. Somehow he managed to climb up some boxes and back in to the attic. Sadly, the sensors were wired up through the attic to the box in the foyer. If we didn’t find a way to get rid of this thing– and the alarm went off again. He chewed the wire. Not sure why he thought it was so important to do that, but he did.

The phone rang, it was home security systems phoenix  telling us that our system was sending an emergency signal. I explained to them that it wasn’t an intruder, per se, but it was a pest that decided to hide in the attic. They told us that AFTER we got an exterminator to get rid of the problem, they would send a technician out to rewire our home security system and until then, our motion sensors would be disabled.

We learned a valuable lesson that night. Home security systems may be helpful, but they certainly are easy to fool!