Bulk mailing prices can save you money, but are somewhat complicated. It’s not as simple as just having one piece of a specific size and all the pricing is the same. In essence in one bulk mailing you can end up paying different postage rates for different groups of your mailing. Of course it’s much cheaper than buying first class postage, but I’ll really show you how to get lowest possible rates.

Size and weight of the mail are definitely pricing factors that you can control, but other things like where you drop them off also makes a difference. For example if you drop your bulk mailing off at your local post office, it will cost more than if you drop it off directly at your closest distribution center. Why is that? It’s because that’s where your mail is going to processed. When you drop it off at local post office, they have to deliver it to the local distribution center which takes up valuable space on a USPS truck.

Saving Tip #1: Drop your bulk mailing off directly at a distribution center.

Another aspect that affects bulk mailing prices is how “concentrated” your zip codes are. For instance if you have 500 pieces going out to the same zip code its cheaper than 500 pieces going out to multiple zip codes spread out over the country.

Saving Tip #2: To save money try and plan your mailing around zip codes

Saving Tip #3: If all your zip codes are in the county ask about periodic mail rates. Pieces going within the county will cost less than pieces going outside the county.

One of the key ways to save money is to do as much of the work up front yourself so that the postal service doesn’t have to. For example, you can pre-sort all your mail by zip codes and add bar codes.

Savings Tip #4: Talk to the company who is printing your pieces see if you can have them print by zip code and deliver it to you that way. Then you don’t have to sort it.

You can get a Full Service fee waiver for certain bulk mail classes if you add a “full service” bar code to all your pieces and then give the USPS all your documentation electronically. Now it might be a wash, because getting a full service bar code can be expensive and in those instances you might find it better off just to pay the fee. Be aware though that of you ask for the waiver and then drop them mail off without bar codes, you will be charged for the full service fee when your mail goes out.

Saving Tip #5: Adding a full service bar code can get the Full Service fee waived.

The more you understand about bulk mail and what causes the postage rate variances the more you can tilt the savings scale in your favor. Aside from saving money on bulk, there are ways to also save money when buying first class stamps if your business uses those as well. Its all matter of getting crafty and knowing where to look to get discounts on postage.


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