If you are serious about your SEO or your client’s SEO, you must keep an eye on your backlinks. It is true that the content is the king, but this king needs an army of backlinks to support it. After producing great content, you cannot just sit and watch to see the traffic growing. You must work proactively to build a solid backlink profile.

7 Tips To Get Backlinks To Boost Traffic

  1. Avoid Bad Backlinks

Some backlinks can harm your website’s ranking instead of doing good. It’s is important to keep track of all the backlinks to your website to avoid that. You must identify the links that are a threat to your website’s reputation. Whenever your site gets links from other sites, you should be notified.

  1. Check Freshness Of Your Backlinks

You should search for the fresh links in your niche. You should aim to get fresh backlinks from authority websites or other high-quality sources to your website before your competitors.

  1. Invest In A Good Backlink Profile Management Tool

You must invest in a good backlink profile management tool like ‘Loving DA’. Loving DA is a backlink profile manager that brings all the backlink tools you need to boost your ranking in one place. A good backlink profile manager saves a lot of time and provides you the necessary data to formulate your strategy

  1. Avoid Link-based Penalties

You must make sure that none of your backlinks invite any penalties. A spammy link structure or links to illegal sources or a high number of broken links can get your site penalized. You must keep an eye on your backlink profile to avoid link-based penalties at all cost. You will need to spend many weeks to recover from the damages occurred due to a penalty.

  1. Avoid Negative SEO

Your website is highly vulnerable to the spammy attacks by your competitors. You never know if they try unethical methods to spend a lot of harmful traffic from spammy sources to your website. The negative SEO done by your competitors can harm your website very badly if you do not respond in time. It is important to receive alerts whenever your website receives new backlinks.

  1. Backlink Roadmaps

You must take advantage of the data that lets you know about the anchor text you will need to rank your website better than your competitors. You must formulate an effective backlink strategy that you will follow in the upcoming weeks based on the available data.

  1. Effective Page Management

You need to manage an individual backlink profile for every page of your website. You can easily monitor the backlink profiles of all the pages using Loving DA. To

Sum Up Backlinking is a critical part of SEO. You must maintain a healthy backlink profile to stay high in the search engine listings. Investing in a good backlink profile manager saves you a lot of time and you get a complete picture of your backlink profile in front of you. To formulate effective backlink strategies, you need data to understand what’s working and what not.


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