“I am a good writer but what should I do with my writing skills?” “Are there any business ideas for people who can write well?” Over the years, these two questions have been common among people who are excellent writers but who don’t have enough funds to start off with a business of their own. They either don’t have money or they fall short of ideas. There are numerous broke undergraduates and unemployed graduates who carry an honours degree in English Language or in Mass Communication but still they sit idle just because they run short of cash to start with their own business.

You must have heard of companies which offer cheap essay writing service UK through which not-so-trained writers can hone their skills. You need not fret if you can’t shape your business in the way you want to. Here are some business ideas which you should take into account.

  • Freelance ghostwriting: The first business which you can start as a freelance writer is ghostwriting. There are several corporate leaders and wealthy individuals who have experiences and ideas that they would prefer publishing and documenting as a book but they lack enough time to sit and write content on their own. They even find writing too tough and boring and hence you can work for them by capitalizing on your writing skills. You just contact them, pitch them about the need, share ideas and experiences and propose them to write for them in exchange of money.
  • Offer copy editing services: Writing and managing a team are two different things. In case you’re an expert writer and you also have good communication skills, you can also become an editor for web publishers. You can stay at the comfort of your home and deliver all your responsibilities over the internet. There are few good places like Odesk.com where you can look for such jobs.
  • Start a blog of your own: Writing skill is one of the basic things that you would need to start a blog of your own. In fact, it is just impossible to blog without having this skill. So, if you’re confident enough about your writing skill, you can start a blog of your own. Ask yourself about some passionate topic and start writing on it. But make sure the copies are interesting so that readers enjoy reading them.
  • Start a business plan writing service: One more profitable business that you may start with your skill is a writing service for prospective business owners. There are lots of owners who are running their businesses without any written plan simply because they lack minimum writing skills. How about helping them in penning down their business plan and helping them follow it word-by-word?

Do you feel intrigued about the myriad business choices that you have when you have good writing skills? Well yes, most of these are cost-effective options for which you may need a decent internet connection and a laptop or a desktop.


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