Company Features Sit-Stand Desks for Office Fit Outs and Health

A family-owned company, Systems Commercial, is the leading supplier of low-cost designer furnishings for the office in New Zealand. The firm boasts the biggest commercial furniture showroom in Auckland as well. They have specialised in office designs and fit outs for the past three decades.

Up-to-Date Office Solutions for All Your Office Design Needs

Therefore, you can expect Systems Commercial to also feature the current trends in office designs and fittings. For example, some of the trends include sit-stand desks, open plan offices, breakout spaces, and communal working environments. In-house design teams can provide up-to-date solutions for all your office fit out needs.

Why It Is Bad to Sit Too Much

In particular, sit-stand desks are an important amenity in offices today as they offer a healthier way in which to work. Therefore, it is time to take a stand in your workplace and include these furnishings. That is because sitting has been determined to be bad for one’s health. People who sit too much have an increased risk of such conditions as heart disease and diabetes. They also experience death earlier than anticipated. Not only that, sitting continuously burns very few calories. Research has linked sitting too much to obesity and weight gain.

Standing Desks: How They Work

Sitting is a major issue for office workers as they sit for most of the day. Fortunately, standing desks represent the trending office furniture in New Zealand. The standing desk, also called a stand-up desk, is furniture that permits you to stand up comfortably whilst you are at work. Many of the current versions are also adjustable, making it possible for you to alter the desk’s height and switch between standing and sitting. These models of desks are known as height-adjustable desks.

Although research is still in the initial stages, studies do show that using a standing desk enhances a person’s health and productivity. At the minimum, the desk can negate the harmful impact that comes from sitting too much. Following are some of the additional advantages:

Standing Reduces Weight Gain

You gain weight when you take in additional calories. Whilst exercise is the most efficient way to lose weight, choosing to stand can also help with calorie loss. Studies show that standing burns over 170 extra calories when compared with sitting for the same length of time. That comes out to almost 1,000 additional calories burned weekly simply from standing at your desk during a certain timeframe. The difference in calories explains why standing is not linked to obesity or metabolic-type disease.

Standing Lowers Blood Sugar

In one small research study of office workers, each of whom stood for three hours after lunch, standing kept the blood sugar level in check by 43% when compared to sitting for the same length of time. Another study concluded that alternating between sitting and standing every thirty minutes lowered blood sugar spikes by approximately 11%. The harmful impact of sitting after a meal explains why too much sedentary time is connected to a 112% higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes.


The 5 Best Creative Agencies in Melbourne

Melbourne has long been considered one of the most creative cities in the world so it’s no surprise that the region is a hotbed for artistic flair and talent. This has meant that the city plays host to a range of companies who are able to create memorable videos and adverts for many different clients. Although every company will feel that their work stands out from the crowd, some agencies repeatedly go beyond expectations and produce content that becomes a hit with the public and acclaimed by industry experts. There are many agencies in Melbourne that can achieve these feats but which are the firms that have taken the world by storm?

In the modern age, it’s important for all content to really stand out from the crowd no matter what platform it might be on. This is where Smart have really come into their own having repeatedly created campaigns that have connected with their target audience and turned products into best-sellers. Whether it was by connecting with younger audiences through interactive apps or timing multimedia campaigns to benefit from major global events, Smart has proven themselves to be one of the top creative agencies in Melbourne. Having worked with the likes of Adidas and Pioneer on successful campaigns, Smart looks set to stay on top of the media industry.

When agencies have industry leaders as their clients, it’s important for agencies to be as creative as possible to ensure that they have a successful campaign. Reborn have proved themselves capable of doing just that by creating stunning adverts and videos that have engaged viewers in a host of different ways. Their approach to mixing technology with edgy and compelling stories has seen many of their campaigns gain worldwide recognition. For example, their recent work for Breville was showcased by Google at the 2014 SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas where it was displayed alongside the best media campaigns of the year. With a client list that also contains the likes of Peroni, Target and Hyundai, Reborn find themselves at the forefront of the media industry.

To really stand out from the crowd, many creative agencies need to harness all forms of media to be successful. This is something that The Sphere Agency has been able to do on multiple occasions no matter if they are working with film, print or even audio. By utilising their background in the entertainment industry, they have been able to consistently run campaigns that have been full of flair and provide inspiration for millions of people. This was a feeling underlined in their recent campaign for Nandos and Uniting for Malaria where their original track was heard by African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka and then performed at the African Cup of Nations final in front of a global audience of 1 billion people. having achieved such recognition, it’s clear to see that The Sphere Agency are one of the most influential agencies in Melbourne.

Consistency is something that many top agencies need to focus on if they really want to stand out from the crowd. McCann is one firm that always delivers with a series of campaigns that have raised the barrier in terms of their reach and the way they react with their audience. Just one quick look at their “Dumb Ways To Die” safety campaign for Metro underlines their success with their ads found at all major train stations and the related app having reached the top of both the The App Store and Google Play download charts for mobile devices. Having repeated this success for many of their other clients such as Mastercard and Bendigo Bank, McCann is often the first name read out at many award ceremonies. It’s no surprise then that the outfit was later named as the most awarded creative agency in the world by Ad Age magazine. With such an accolade backing up their results, McCann’s place at the top of the industry is seemingly well-deserved.

Although creative agencies look to a host of different methods to sell a product, each method needs to clearly display their message to be successful. Moonee Ponds based Next Marketing are one creative agency that are able to do just that and they have shown that they can master different ways of telling stories to get their point across. Whether it was the hard hitting nature of their work for Deaf Children Australia to the lighter tones hidden behind their adverts for furniture firm Rinnai. By clearly getting their message across to the world, Next Marketing have garnered an impressive list of clients including Carlsberg, The Salvation Army and the University of Melbourne. Having worked with such prestigious names, there is very little that Next Marketing can’t sell through a compelling story.

Doing Business From Home

Some tips for doing business at home are:

1. Find a need in the colony

Many businesses fail because the line of business is sued in the geographic area nearby. For example, in a low income neighborhood, it is unattractive to start a business selling clothes. This market segment prefer to buy clothes on sale, in warehouses where they offer lower prices, or in areas known for selling clothes at a price.

2. The location is essential

Another factor to consider about how to make a home business is to determine if the location is appropriate for the type of business proposed. A mistake made by small businesses, is the act of putting your business on a street with little traffic for the target market. For example, a high percentage of restaurants fail, mainly due to the incorrect selection of location. (If you are a virtual business, see Internet businesses from home )

3. Informal presentation

Another mistake of doing business at home , is present in a careless manner of business entry and foreign ads. Examples of this misrepresentation is the exterior paint, logo design and commercial letters of the name, etc..

4. Declaring a clear concept

Every business needs to be based on a concept that is business. For example, if one thinks of the dominos pizza brand, the first thing you think are pizzas in less than 30 minutes. Or for example when you think of McDonalds, the key product is the Happy Meal. That is, a business must have spirit, have something unique that makes it what it is. When making a business from home, despite being smaller, the same idea applies, you must define your business concept.

5. Explain what makes

In addition to declaring a unique business concept is essential to explain whether the name or under the trade name, which is in the business. For example, say that a company called Classo. What would that sound? It may be a restaurant, can be a car repair shop may be a medical product, etc. that is, to do business at home , explain to the outside of your business that is dedicated.

6. Having the right furniture

Another mistake to start a home business is to install a bad distribution, or a poor selection of furniture that makes up your store or local. For example, a business selling chickens, you do not have tables to sit. In this case, is losing a business opportunity to enable people eat at your site. Another example is having the wrong furniture in the same case of a restaurant, you may be having plastic tables broken and dirty, or put a lot of foot.

7. Having an open business

Attract new customers to an establishment is difficult, mainly by the fact that generally there is a suspicion to enter new businesses. This suspicion is increased when you make a business from home, with closed doors, where the customer has to play, opening the door, slide, to enter. Therefore required to have a large open space for entry of clients.

8. Having a table of prices and products

Once the customer enters, another reason why people do not buy is the fact of having to ask the prices for the product catalog to a seller. This is one reason why it is advisable to do business at home, have a list or table of prices and products, in view of the customer.

9. The key is the service

For small businesses, which have to compete against big chain stores or well-positioned, the key to success lies not in the price with the product but in customer service. A customer well served, within a reasonable time, listening to requests and arranging the situation so that you are satisfied, it will affect your business vision, either positively or negatively. That is, each client in your home business should be unique and important.

10. Plan before

The main advice for starting a business from home, the idea is to plan, strategies, costs, layout, location and prices, before he acted hastily, and having to act as they come problems. This is costly in terms of money, resources and time. Thus, it is always better to have a work plan to indicate whether the business attractive, if your business profitable , and what strategies to follow to develop a successful business.

Stay Healthy to Make Your Business Grow

They need to do a good job, devote much patience and vision to have a successful business.However, in order to keep your business healthy, you need to be in good shape.

Your health is as important to your business as any of the tasks you do every day, maybe even more.But in the business world today, who has time to care for your health? It’s easier to buy fast food cook healthy meals is easier to sleep and rest to do an exercise routine, and is easier to work late, you set aside time to relax.But despite how many things must always give priority to lead a healthy and balanced life.

Here are some ways to take care of yourself physically and mentally to give the best in growing your business.

Physical Health

Preventing a disease is much better than treatment thereof. Healthy habits and daily routine will be reflected in their daily lives.

If you get sick take care of itself. Give yourself an extra hour of sleep or an afternoon off. It is better to lose a couple of hours to stop working for three days.

Emotional Health

Staying healthy means that you can emotionally cope with the pressures and stresses of life in a productive manner. This capability is especially important for business owners. Solve your business problems before it gets out of control.

Divertese from time to time with your colleagues from time to time. Get enough sleep. Your emotional health is as important to the success of your business as your physical health. Therefore attention should be paid equally.

Mental Health

Especially if your company is new, you may need to be more than 40 hours a week devoted to it. Working long hours is mentally exhausting and can be counterproductive as it is fatigue.

Give yourself time to relax and socialize. Go on dates or meet friends. Watch a movie or read a good book. It is important to work hard, but clear your mind is more important.

Maintain balance in all areas of your life will help you and your business succeed. Physical health will allow you to give the best. Emotional health allows you to deal with stress and mental health will prevent wear. With all the performance of the three together, you and your business will be unstoppabl

Strategic Planning: A Tool For All

Strategic planning is a tool which I am sure everyone has heard of, while almost say that like many other famous words (benchmarking, downsizing, etc..) Ends using ‘Why is Fashion’, and all does is create confusion, at all levels, about what really is and what it does.

This extending even to the point where it is interpreted as being the ‘solution’ to many business problems, even on occasions it can seem like the main product of many businesses is their strategic plan ….

A great confusion seen in the common conception of the people, is that strategic planning is only ‘for big companies’ which are those with the only resource that can afford to develop a sensible plan. But beware that all small, medium and large we are playing in the same field, competing in the market all and for the same customers …. and be sure that large companies ‘do their homework’ (for better or worse , but make them), thus leaving the planning for the big one, will not only increase their own chances of ‘Death’.

This does not mean that we should all spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop and implement a methodology and a strategic planning cycle, either, in a matter of hours you can put together an outline draft, you can set a strategic course of action that can be maintained competitive. (Obviously, if you can hire someone to help / advise much better).

But the strategic planning differs from other types of schedules, since it is based on developing your business strategy will continue for a period of time, and can be designed for a specific area of ??your business such as strategy planning marketing, and your business as a whole.

Usually in the traditional strategic planning, the most senior managers set the overall strategy of the company and then each of the areas set their own strategies, fully aligned with the company. Usually the plans were made for 5 years now becomes something completely unsustainable, let alone in the case of

Internet companies.
Another confusion is often seen that people confuse strategic planning with the preparation of a Business Plan (BP – Business Plan) or the preparation of a plan of action. In general and to clarify this in a simple way a BP develops when you are starting with something new, a new company, a new business area, a line of products / services. The strategy aims to growth while the BP is set at the beginning. The strategy may provide new business development / prod. / Serv. for which then there will be a BP.

The strategy sets ‘The Address’ where will our company is the ‘compass that guide us towards a successful attempt’ (to the achievement or accomplishment of our goals)

Although as we said strategic planning is not everything, is an important part of our business, as every action taken should be framed or aligned with the strategy to ensure that our resources are being invested in the strategic direction we choose.

But what is all this? is basically the process of search or into the future, is to start working today to define the type of company you want to be. Manage the ‘uncertainty’ of the future requires a constant attitude of ‘learning’ rather than ‘knowledge’ into the Future.

This process ideally should be done by bringing together experts from different areas than the sum of their experiences can put together a range of possibilities or scenarios of the market in which we will operate. And once that is settled, will decide which direction it will take our company, and how to deal with these possible scenarios, what key skills you must develop both the company itself, as well as their employees. This obviously accompanied by constant monitoring of reality, and the requirements of customers, it reshapes our strategy and adapting to reality.

In short, we can say that it is a very useful tool, which tends to eliminate the improvisation, reduce uncertainty, align resources to achieve better results, saving money, time and effort. Not just for specialists but is applicable to anyone.

Principles of a successful freelancer

While most successful freelancers work hard (which usually means putting a lot of effort into your business), those who take their jobs seriously often find that the effort is worthwhile.

However, a surprising number of aspiring freelancers are stuck. They do not know how to get started as a freelancer and once started they do not know how to proceed. It’s almost like there’s a secret code that separates success from some freelancers with others. It seems that those who know the code of success and those who know do not.

Well, not really a secret code freelance success (despite some “gurus” may try to convince you otherwise). There are, however, some principles that all freelancers must follow if they want to succeed. In this article we will share these principles.

Freelancing: Principles of Success

There are many tips out there successfully. Some of them are even pretty good. Much of this, however, are subjective and only works in certain situations to apply and certain freelancing.

There are some things that are more or less universal. Here are some of the principles that all freelancers must follow to be successful:

1. Begin. Many people talk about freelancing, but never really get land your freelance business. They can not succeed as a freelancer because they never even begun. You can talk all you want, but talk is cheap and talk alone does not always lead to freelancing or get much less success.
2. Do what you say you will do. Honesty is very important in the freelance (and indeed, it is vital for any successful business enterprise). If you promise to do something for a client, you have to do everything possible to make sure you are up to your commitment. If customers can not trust you to do the things you are supposed to do will not be in business for long.
3. Make Money. Successful businesses make money. They cover their costs and make a profit. You can give something as a promotion, but after all a successful business earns a profit. To succeed, you must know what your expenses and adjust your spending so that your expenses are more than covered and there is a profit to spare.
4. Do not leave. Many small business owners give up too soon and autonomous. It is normal for a young company experiencing difficulties and mistakes. Often, the only difference between a business that ultimately succeeds and one that is not successful is that the successful business he learned from his mistakes, while the other does not.

What I have learned is that while you can work more efficiently in some cases, there is no substitute for monitoring the above principles. Without them, it’s not really even have much of a business.

New Business: Trends and Opportunities 10 Years

A competitive way to start a successful business, is to anticipate future consumer situations, and take advantage of business trends ew . In this article, we discuss some trends for the next 10 years.

New Business Trends

There are several ways to analyze trends in new business , for example, growth industries, increased demographic niche, or a growing problem. Some of the trends we observe are:

New Business 1. Portable Technology

In the last 10 years we have seen the development of new technologies we take for granted today, such as portable MP3 players like iPod, tablets, mini laptop notebooks, among others. There are several business opportunities in this field of mobile technology, from sales to specialized repair.

New Business Ideas 2. Alternative energy

There is a race little known by the mass media in the creation of sustainable alternative energy (ie make it affordable to produce, sell or use) For example, one of these energy comes from large propellers of wind power production wind. This industry in the next 20 years will produce large numbers of jobs (especially engineers) and contracts to other companies (eg, maintenance, production, research, etc.) is recommended to see it as service business ideas .

New Business Opportunities 3. Outsourcing

Another industry that was fashionable as an innovative business in early 2000 was the outsourcing. That is, a business model where a company (which provides outsourcing) provides a specialized service to another company (eg, cleaning, security, maintenance, etc) to reduce cost, time and paperwork. For example, firm 2 avoids hires, changes, training and unemployment, by reducing their costs significantly. There are many niches that can innovate in the coming years, as the outsourcing of teachers, secretaries, telemarketing, etc..
b. New business niche

New Business 4. Elderly people

In America, there is a segment known as the “baby boomers”, which is the generation born after the 2nd. World War. This market represents a variety of opportunities, because in the next 10-20 years there will be significant demand for services for the elderly, both in America and around the world. For example, some new business ideas are nursing care, specialized gyms, restaurants with menus for the elderly, etc..

Innovative New Business 5. Healthy Consumer

The healthy consumer phenomenon started many years ago with products “low calorie” or “diet”. A new demand for consumer products are healthier, with fewer unhealthy ingredients, and more natural. For example, there is great demand for natural juices without preservatives or natural fiber bread. This provides a new market for small businesses, to position the region as a solution provider of natural products such as a home business idea .

New Business on the Internet 6. Credit card users

Another growing niche (in Mexico and Latin American developing countries such as Chile, Brazil and Colombia) are people with credit cards. This is a new phenomenon, due to the opening bank to issue credit cards without too many requirements. This is an opportunity for online businesses , owing to the possibility of electronic transaction.
c. Problem new business

New Business in Mexico 7. Bags and Employment Agencies

In Mexico (and worldwide), we are seeing a phenomenon that makes the lack of job opportunities for college graduates. One way to be part of the solution and applied to a business sector demand, will the stock markets and employment agencies. / Article preferred profitable business in Mexico

Profitable New Business 8. Specialized medicine

The increase in certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart, is a new business opportunity to offer alternative solutions to these problems. For example, in the case of diabetes, there has emerged a new market for the sale of the plant stevia, which helps to treatment.