It is an unfortunate fact that the prevalence of opportunistic crimes in public spaces, private establishments, and even government institutions has increased. This has led to some amount of trepidation among both business owners and public officials as they seek to increase security. Typically, this means installing security cameras and alarms but many people in this position are increasingly turning to manned security companies.

Why Use a Security Guard?

It may seem quaint, even very traditional, but many managers, business owners, and officials are finding that personnel from security guard companies in Leeds and elsewhere provide some excellent benefits, including:

  • Presence: Though many businesses and establishments like to install modern CCTV cameras as a way to enhance security, the presence of a security guard cannot be underestimated. If manned guards are used in an overt manner, their very presence on the floor can dissuade would-be thieves and other opportunists from stealing anything. In many ways, this approach to security is about prevention rather than cure and makes good sense from an economic perspective.
  • Morale Boost: When it comes to staff, volunteers, visitors, and the public, the overt presence of a security guard can really boost morale and offer significant reassurance. They will feel confident that the establishment takes their security and safety seriously and will recognise that they can operate without fear. This may even lead to greater levels of productivity and staff satisfaction.
  • Covert Mode: Though many people associate manned security with the visible presence of a guard, they can also operate covertly so that they work undetected. This can be especially useful if their presence tends to make people, including staff and visitors, fearful. In public places, covert security can work without the public feeling any trepidation. Covert security also allows for the discreet gathering of intelligence, which can be invaluable for the purposes of further prosecution of criminals.
  • Rules and Regulations: One of the most underrated functions that a security guard can provide is an observation that rules and regulations are being followed correctly by staff. Occupational health and safety laws are important in every business and it is incumbent on every staff member to ensure that he or she follows these rules and regulations. A security guard has also been trained in these areas and is fully aware of how they need to be followed. In practice, this means that a security guard, whether overt or covert, can observe staff members and even offer advice on following these strict guidelines.

The Benefits of Enhanced Security

The fact is that no establishment can be too careful these days when it comes to security. A physically present guard can offer a multitude of benefits and enhance security to the point that everyone feels safer and more secure.


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