Xamarin is a platform that helps you in developing a lot of elements for iOS or Android applications. It let you write cross-platform applications, with the help of C# and .NET.

        C# Language – It helps in using some commonly known or familiar syntax and some awesome features.

        Mono .NET Framework – It allows you to use the cross-platform for the implementation of the applications in Microsoft’s .NET framework.

        Compiler – It produces native application (for iOS) or integrated .NET application (for Android), as per the platform. It also performs some optimizations like – linking away to unused codes.

        IDE Tools – We have a visual studio in Windows as well as in Mac and this visual studio help us in creating, building and deploying the Xamarin projects or applications.

One more point to be remembered for is that the basic of Xamarin is C# language and .NET framework, which allows it to be deployed in windows phone as well by structuring project’s share code. You should get mobile development training to gain perfection.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the great features or pros of Xamarin.

1.        Xamarin is completely different than the other HTML based cross-platform like ionic, which utilizes the HTML5/ JS/ CSS for user interface improvement for applications and at that point rendered in web view element of a particular platform. Xamarin, different from others, make local user interface utilizing local APIs for each platform as Xamarin is a wrapper over our cherished SDKs.

2.        Xamarin courses offer code sharing from 50% to stunning 100%. Before you go insane by stating how it can offer 100% code sharing when we have to compose IOS and Android user interface elements independently agreeing to necessity, hold your steeds there is a thing called as Xamarin. Forms with the help of which we can share our user interface code all through all platforms. By the way, 50% sharing is moreover not that awful, this rate depends on your choice of Xamarin product utilized for application development and utilization of user interface/ Native feature(like Bluetooth, location) utilization.

3.        In case you have utilized a few HTML based cross-platform tools, you may know regarding its impediment of Local APIs access. With Xamarin there is no constraint for access, whatever conceivable in the individual Local platform will be conceivable in Xamarin. With each overhaul in Android or IOS SDKs Xamarin come up with its upgrade inside a week, so you are not required to stress yourself about the delay in any major improvement offered by your platform (IOS/Android).

4.        If we talk about the learning curve of the Xamarin, then it has the low learning curve in comparison to the learning curve of Android (Java), IOS (Objective-c/ Swift) and Windows (.NET/ C#) combined. In case you are a.NET/ C# designer than you just have to memorize few platform particular things like application lifecycle, user interface standards, the platform SDK, etc. On the off chance that you are an Android/ IOS designer learning C# will not be much of assignment as C# is also object-oriented language and exceptionally comparative to java. Android folks have to memorize about IOS lifecycle, user interface standards, the platform SDK and IOS folks have to memorize about Androids.

5.        Cost is exceptionally imperative for any Developer or for any Company whether it’s Time or Money. Here Xamarin courses come as a friend in need, as we require only one language C# and shocking rate of code sharing. Numerous of the functional errors or non-user interface improvements have to be done once not for each platform implies less development time which leads to less money to spend on development.

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