While the ladders have found use on multiple grounds, firefighting is one of the most crucial of all sectors. It is indeed a novice question to ask whether the firefighters need the roof ladders at all to have control over the emergency situations that break out without any prior notice. Especially for the fire officer and the working men who are trained completely, they have unique tactics of dealing with any such emergency situation, and that’s evaluating the ‘do it’ action versus the ‘do not do it’ ones.

However, most of the tactical actions can be executed based on following situations in fire fighting.

  • The present conditions in the work area, and the potential hazards involved in it.
  • The necessary skill of the workmen indulging into fighting the situation, and level of complications that they might face.
  • And finally, the chances of failure in fighting with it.

Roof ladders have always been a key tool that these firefighters use, and with proper utilization, the mode of operation can get smoother, and much more effective. These roof ladders indeed deliver a stable platform to all these fire fighting men and help them work efficiently at considerable elevation. However, it must not avoid anyone’s notice that these sloped roofs are much steeper than what they actually look like from the ground, and hence, requires cautious attitude from these men.

Obviously, no rood ladder in the market comes with 100 percent guarantee that they will slip or fall through the roof. Hence, while using them for fighting the fire out, one must have prior attention to the constructional features of the building and also the integrity of the roof that it holds on to. Generally, most of the manufacturers make the use of aluminum, fiberglass, and wood while making the roof ladders, and depending on the area where it is being used, the choice needs to be made.

Available in a range of 10 to 30 feet length, and constructed in both solid beam and truss beam foundation, most of the average roof ladders are equipped with 3/4 inch of hooks. And for the ones which are manufactured for heavy duty purpose, the 7/8 inch hooks are specified. However, the firefighters are mostly accustomed using the single end hooked ladders, but nowadays, even the double hooked ladders are available in the market for them.

However, solid they might turn out to be, these ladders definitely require some care and maintenance. Under normal conditions, these ladders must go through thorough inspection, washing, and waxing at least a couple of times in a year. The better the care taken, the lesser gets the chances of any kind of damage or injuries while using it.

Firefighting industry owes a big time to these roof ladders as their efficiency depends a lot on them. The urgency of these situations can only be realized only when one goes through it, and hence they definitely demand enough concern both on the part of the manufacturer and the user as well.


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