Every business and organisation in the world is faced with security and access issues at one time or another but each of them will handle the activity in a different way. For some events and activities, it’s enough to give people a simple way to be identified, something that a server can see if the individual asks for an alcoholic beverage, for example.

This basic method is also suitable for access to sporting events, concerts, and clubs. In many settings, it’s not necessary to have radio frequency identification (RFID) capability built into the access method, though this is certainly available. (More on that later.) Your group, organisation, or business can provide sufficient identification with quality wristbands that are lightweight but won’t stretch or tear. They’re also completely waterproof.

The Economic Choice

This is the most cost-effective option because they can be purchased in bulk, in different sizes, and in a variety of colours. Each individual who enters can have a band quickly placed on the wrist with strong adhesive so the identification method stays in place. These are designed to be non-transferable so no one can remove the band and put it on another wrist. You can also purchase them with sequential numbers if required.

Take your identification to the next level with custom-printed bands, a great choice for special functions and to market a business or event. You can arrange for plain-text printing or you can have artwork designed for a reasonable charge. Learn more about the extensive range of bands when you visit the website of a leading supplier of quality security, identification, and access products.

Browse some of the other options such as plastic snap-lock bands, poly-laser printable bands, or products of woven fabric or Bar-Lok bands in a variety of colours. You might also want to talk to a representative about photo-image products with glossy finish and strong adhesive.


For another level of security and identification, you should also learn more about RFID products including key fobs, cards, and stickers. Bands to be worn on the wrist for RFID use can be single use or made for long-term use. Key fobs are a good choice because they can be attached to the keyring, custom printed and numbered in sequence.

You’ll also have access to RFID cards, a good choice for memberships and access to clubs. Dual-side printing in full colour and barcodes are available. Some groups and businesses opt for radio frequency ID stickers to be attached to a mobile phone or another portable surface.

RFID is the perfect technology for security and privacy in industrial situations and for access to restricted areas. Strict standards have been developed to make this technology work well while protecting sensitive information so you can use them with confidence.



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