Never be bored ever again, when you have a good TV channels app on your mobile phone. Whether commuting to work or enjoying your lunch break, catch up on your favourite shows anywhere.

It’s a jungle out there, especially for those with day jobs and many responsibilities at work. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning till the time you finally leave from office in the late hours, there is not a minute of peace. You chase incessant deadlines, complete a pile of reports, tick off umpteen tasks on your To-Do list, and still discover that there are so many other things to do. Then you wearily trudge home, thinking longingly of the weekend and some respite.

In the course of a normal working day, the only time you get to yourself is during your lunch break. Even that is taken up with chatter about the office, with colleagues weighing in on gossip and latest happenings. If you want a few minutes of quiet reflection, you must go for a walk around the block. But even that gets monotonous after a while.

We’ve got a better idea. If you have about 20 minutes of alone-time, why not watch some TV? You probably missed an episode of your favourite show this week – this is the time to catch up.

How can I watch TV in my lunch break? I’m at work!

We’re not suggesting that you nip into the conference room and watch TV stealthily with the lights off. If you have a smartphone, just download the Airtel TV channel app (called Airtel TV) and get your personal TV set right here on your phone.

It’s really simple – you will already have the TV channels app if you’re an Airtel customer and have the myAirtel app installed and in use. Airtel TV offers unlimited premium content to its customers till June 2018. If not, you can install the TV channel app for free from Google Play Store and iTunes. The TV channel app gives you access to over 300 live TV channels, over 6,000 movies, many options to stream original TV shows and web series, and over 100 TV shows to pick from. It’s a bouquet of live and curated content which you can watch at your leisure.

We bet you’re looking forward to your lunch break already!

It sounds great. How do I get this TV channel app on my phone?

  • Download the Airtel live TV app from Google Play Store of iTunes. Once installed, click on My Account > Profile > Sign up with your mobile number.
  • Your mobile number is the unique number for the Airtel TV app. It is used to track your package, pay bills, track consumption, renewal, etc.
  • It is important to register yourself on the app so that you can get access to the free content, or play back missed TV show episodes, or share videos with friends.
  • You can catch up on TV shows you missed even if you logged in late.
  • You can create a Favourites list of TV shows and channels for relevant browsing.
  • Apart from TV shows in the general entertainment slot, you can also watch live sports, news, choose a movie, YouTube videos, other curated content, etc.
  • You can choose a subscription pack as per your requirement, with the option to modify the pack at a later date.
  • Currently, Airtel TV offers programming in 15 languages, including Hindi and English.
  • You also get an annual subscription to Amazon Prime on installing Airtel TV (please check the applicable conditions).


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