There are different ways to make the right choice when selecting which table and chair covers to use for a special event, ate an eatery or even for use at home. These include things such as materials, colours, and designs and durability.

You often see rental linens being utilised at events like:

  • Wedding receptions
  • Coming of age birthday parties
  • Various types of anniversaries

And basically any sort of function where elegant, plush and well-maintained linens are needed to add some extra aesthetics.

  • Every Occasion Catered to

It is quite normal for business conventions and banquet planners to frequently use this type of service also and anyone who has ever been to one will be aware that the superb linen, along with the wonderful food and entertainment, were all hired from an experienced and professional service.

  • Fabrics and Colours

It is not unusual for some people to think only of linen fabric when renting table and chair covers, and their first thought will be about them being the colour white. Some are unaware that there are many more different colours available from white, to black, to gold to burgundy and beyond.

  • The colour of choice to be used will depend on what the occasion is and who is conducting the organising, although a lot of people leave the colour scheme to the rental service, who have the experience in the business to provide the best advice.
  • The other great aspects of superb cotton and linen is that they not only last longer, but are much more durable than nearly all other kinds of materials, which is an important point here. And along with that is the thickness of the material being used, as there’s a huge difference between using unsightly threadbare thin table linen and that of a top quality thicker type of material.
  • Which Colour Type is For You?

However, in many cases you will usually see more sober colours or white linens for business occasions, whilst more colourful linen is laid out for the more private party type of settings like class reunions, wedding receptions, and birthdays.

  • The choices are normally available on a company’s website, or in a catalogue book in their shop or office. There are times when some customers wish for paper or plastic coverings for particular casual events, as these work out to be cheaper and easily disposed of after use. Certainly not as classy looking, but they are an option, even if not ecologically friendly.
  • The Perfect Drop Length

What is professionally known as the “drop length” when making the ideal selection of top quality table linens will definitely have to be taken into consideration. This refers to the ideal amount of tablecloth that will be seen hanging over from the edge of a table down towards the floor.

  • Elegance is definitely of the essence here and will be measured by the length of the material; the longer it is, the much more elegant, grand and formal those tables will certainly look. However, in the case of the more informal types of restaurant, shorter lengths may be used which will still definitely provide any place with a comfortable and warm feeling.
  • Should you have the desire to have your table linen dropping down and touching the floor, you will have to do a little bit of a maths workout and consideration in order to estimate the perfect size of the linens you wish to use. For instance, should your table be of the rectangular type, the length should be determined by adding the length plus two times the height.
  • The width should then be determined by adding the width plus the height times by two. Luckily enough (for those who aren’t mathematicians!) the majority of quality table linens comes in what would be deemed standard sizes, these days, and it’s not at all hard to decide on what size table linens are perfect for your requirements.
  • Choosing the Perfect Service

Some of the better rental services can provide you with a superb choice of top quality table and chair covers which are perfectly ideal for any kind of setting. So, it’s really in your very best interests to make sure that the service that you will soon be consulting and dealing with, has an absolutely great track record and background to ensure and make perfectly certain that your forthcoming event will then turn out as wonderful and memorable, and just like you dreamt it would.


Whether you choose table linens for that very special occasion, restaurant whatever the event, there is one thing that is certain for sure – not only will they add an excellent touch of elegance and pure class to the décor of the occasion, but your guests and customers will beyond a doubt certainly be well aware of it!

Professional, top quality and reliable table linen rental companies know every single thing there is to be aware of with regards to any questions you may have and are more than happy to provide you with all the answers that you care to ask of them to ensure a top quality service for all of your needs.

By simply going online and making good use of the internet, you can easily these days go and check out a service’s website and see what they have to offer. You can also perhaps try running their name through a search engine to see just what others have said about them. Put in the company name and the word “reviews” afterwards, and look at what comes up. If it looks just right, contact and consult with them and let them know what you are looking for. Good luck!


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