It’s no secret that smoke and vape shops are growing in popularity, and the trend isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon. Maybe you’ve started a new smoke shop because of your belief in the trend and you’re looking for some pointers. Maybe you opened up shop a while ago, and you’d simply like to increase sales further. Either way, just like with any other business, some creative advertising and skilled employees can make a huge difference in your success. Here are a few tips to help improve your smoke shop.

Make your shop noticeable

Don’t be one of those stores that only has a sign above their door and nothing else. While the sign makes it clear that it’s a smoke shop, it’s unlikely to entice many people to walk in. There are plenty of ways to draw attention, but here are a few specific tips for this type of store. Big bright signs in the window displaying exactly what you have (glassware, e-cigs, hookahs, etc.) are a great start. Pictures of your best selling products in the window also give a potential customer a better idea of what awaits them inside. These are simple ways to catch the eye without having to stream extravagant banners and the like.

Online advantage

In the digital age, you’re at a great disadvantage if you aren’t using the internet as constructively as possible. One way to do this is to follow best SEO practices for smoke shops. Shoot for creative but accurate titles for your website’s posts. Make sure to backlink to reputable and relevant pages. Also, don’t skip on video content and social media, as these are the fastest spreading types of media.

Email marketing is of vital importance as well. It’s easy to use and cost effective, but it’s also great for acquiring new customers and turning customers into repeat business. That’s because any customer who signs up on your site can be sent a coupon via email to spark their interest in shopping with you. Additionally, you should ask for the email addresses of people who buy from your store in person. You can keep a record of what they bought and later send them an email showcasing related items.

Finally, make sure you’re showcasing your items on your store’s website, according to experts at All in 1 Smoke Shop. You don’t have to show prices, since you don’t want competitors knowing everything, but more and more people are turning to e-commerce. You want to catch their interest by letting them see what they can buy if they enter your store.

Educate employees

Never underestimate the value of letting all your employees be in the know. With the constant expansions of products in the smoke/vape scene, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. Also, new employees who don’t actively smoke or vape themselves probably don’t know much about the products they’re selling. Training videos can be a simple way to give employees the basic knowledge they need, but there are other options.

Product demos are a fantastic way to educate employees and customers alike. If possible, you might get a representative of a brand you carry to do an on-site demo of your products. This should intrigue any customers in the store, and it will teach your employees how to better show off your products to future customers. Once an employee is up to speed, you can assign them to particular customers who tend to make either large or complex orders. This will give the customer a connection to the store and should make transactions more pleasant for all involved.

While there are no absolute guarantees for success, making your advertising tactics more straightforward and personal for every customer gives your business a great chance to grow quickly.


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