Credit ratings are used by financial institutions to make risk assessments on those looking to borrow money. Having a bad credit rating is something everyone should look to avoid as it has an adverse effect on one’s ability to obtain a loan.

If your credit rating has fallen below a certain level, most institutions will reject you outright. While there are ways to get a personal loan with bad credit, it is best to avoid having your rating go into the negative in the first place.

Should your credit have taken a hit and be in a less favorable position, however, you can, with a little bit of persistence, begin to rebuild your rating and bounce back. This article takes a look at the steps you can take to clean up your credit score.

Get a copy of your credit report

The first step to overcoming bad credit is to request a copy of your credit report. Going over your report will allow you to find areas that need improvement.

Have you missed your payments or made them late multiple times? Do you see any inaccuracies on your report?

Information like this is important to look for. If you spot any errors, the credit rating agency will have to correct it for you and this will result in an improvement to your score.

Some common errors that can appear in your report include:

  • Confusion of names and addresses
  • Identity theft issues
  • Information belonging to an ex-spouse
  • Outdated info
  • Wrong payment status

Address areas of improvement

Once you’ve gone through your credit report, you will have a clearer picture of where exactly you need to improve. If you find that you are behind on payments, for example, you will need to organize yourself to catch up.

It may be a possibility that you are having trouble paying the minimum amount owed each payment period. If this is the case, you may want to consider coming up with a debt repayment plan. You may need to cut back on spending for a while but it will be worth it in the long-run.

Possibly the most important thing to remember is the importance of paying your bills on time going into the future. You will need to demonstrate a pattern of reliability in order to bring your credit rating back up.

Depending on how far behind you may be on your payments, it possible that you will have to cancel a credit card. This is something you should avoid as much as possible, however, because having a lengthier credit history is good for your overall score.

Have good financial practices

Rebuilding your credit score can be a long process so it’s vitally necessary that you practice good financial habits for the duration it takes. Practice saving money for the future, avoid applying for new credit right away and be sure not to miss any payment dates.

Once you’ve begun the process of rebuilding your credit score, you will be able to obtain a secured credit card, or preferably an unsecured one if your rating isn’t too poor, that will help boost your rating. Make sure that your new card makes monthly reports to your credit bureau so it has a positive effect on your credit when used properly.

With enough patience and intelligent spending, it is entirely possible to overcome bad credit.


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