Individuals as well as companies have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to investing, but the important thing is to have enough knowledge pertaining to the right place and time for making any kind of investment. You could select from an array of stocks to real estate to bonds, mutual funds, etc in order to make an investment, but make sure you track your investment moves.

There is the need to monitor and track your investments just to make sure that the strategies deployed by you are ones that will ensure high end profits. It is here that an Investment portfolio becomes important. Steve Sorensen will be able to guide through various types of financial instruments and you can totally rely on him because of immense knowledge and understanding of business on any scale.

It has been four years that Steve Sorensen has partnered with Williams & Connolly and represents the whistleblowers before the IRS Securities and Exchange Commission. He is an adept at handling complicated financial transactions and works with investors to help them recover their losses. He has also represented largest global financial institutions in humongous litigation matters.

The most basic understanding of Investment Portfolio can be said to be the sum total of all the investments you own. Investment portfolio serves a great purpose in the diversification of your portfolio, which is turn helps to minimize or even eliminate loss because after all you have not kept all your eggs in the one basket. Investment portfolios have a variety as well; some of the most common types are the Conservative, the Short-Term, the Balanced and the Aggressive Growth investment portfolio.

Short-Term Investment Portfolio – just as its name suggests, it is compiled of short term investments. These are mostly found in the form of cash, bonds, treasury bills, money market funds, etc. They usually have very low returns, it is not a very good idea for an average individual, but the small business owners may want to have a word with their portfolio manager whether or not it is a worthwhile thing for them.

Conservative Investment Portfolio –this is done with the intention of preserving capital and it involves the attachment of a minimal risk strategy. The retirees are the people who are mostly interested in this sort of investment portfolio because their focus is mainly on having the assets available rather than regular income from interest.

Balanced Investment Portfolio – this again is an ideal plan for retirees. It has been given a name thus, because it invests in bonds for generation of income and in stocks for the growth of income. This helps in mitigating any significant financial loss in case the stock market collapses.

Aggressive Investment Portfolio – this is for the strong hearted, i.e. those investors who are not afraid to undertake any kind of risk. Mutual funds that aim for high capital gains and some bonds, cash, and equities are all included in this type. This type of portfolio performs best in long term investments.

Irrespective of the kind of investment portfolio you intend to make you should and most definitely have to take the advice of a financial adviser.


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