When you finally find a foreign exchange near me you must now focus on navigating through the exchange rates. You must know about all the available options. There are several for this matter right from grabbing it at the airport on the go to buying it online. Follow a handy guide for foreign exchange and its different methods. Remember, each has its pros and cons and a few may even seem like swindling money from you legally. For most of the people swipe a credit card seems to be the most convenient way to get money abroad. The issuers charge a currencyconversion fee of 2 to 3 percent for international transactions.

Use ATM Card

While the credit card is best for majority of your purchases and hotel bills it should never be used for withdrawing money out of an ATM ever. The issuers will charge hefty fees along with and interest levied from the moment you withdraw the money. Instead withdraw cash with an ATM card as most ATM cards can now be used internationally. Banks will tack on fees to the tune of 3 to 8 percent and few banks that have international branches may allow free usage of their ATM cards internationally. Therefore, research on your bank and other global ATM alliance member banks.

Exchange Cash at Bank

Almost all large banks will sell foreign currency. If your account is with such a bank then you can order cash online or over the phone. The money will be delivered at the local branch for you to pickup. However, make sure you know about the delivery fees on this option though a few ban may waive this fee for their best customers and honored members. Always keep in mind that the exchange rates at banks are always slightly better than the exchange rates anywhere else.


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