The freelance way of earning a living is a fast growing sector. People seem to really enjoy the ability to pick and choose everything about their profession, as more and more people gravitate towards running their own business. There are just a few problems with this recent increase. With the amount of freelancers increasing, it is very difficult for companies and clients to know what freelancers to hire. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out who is going to be best for the job, who is going to give the job their undivided attention, instead of just phoning it in and not giving much effort to the project. Clients and employers have to deal with issues surrounding freelancing everyday as they struggle to get the right people hired and working for them. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to let you know exactly what the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelancer to complete a task is. This is going to be a frank and honest list, so we will not be pulling any punches. They can be useful a lot of the time, but there are also reasons why freelancers can end up being problematic additions to a work force! Here’s why:

Pro – they are often eager to work hard

One of the advantages of hiring a freelance worker is the fact that without working hard and trying their best, they will struggle to keep up a work rate that will supply them with an income that they need. When you ask someone to complete a task that you’ve shared an office with for 6 years, often they are so comfortable in their current position that they approach the work lethargically and lazily. Whereas when you hammer out a work plan with a freelance worker, you can almost guarantee that they will be a hard worker. Because they get paid when the task is finished, with a normal office worker, they get paid at the end of the month, oftentimes regardless of whether they have met their quota. To ensure that they do work hard, make sure to have a frank discussion with them where you lay out the exact specifications of the job and what you expect from them, that way you are both in a mutual understanding of what to expect at the end of the job.

Con – the lack of upfront communication

Being that many freelance jobs are offered, managed and completed over the internet, this causes a disruption in communication. What I mean by this is that at any time the freelancer could just not reply. Maybe they are involved in an accident, or maybe they have to deal with a sudden emergency, maybe they just stop working altogether. The frustrating thing is that you might not have this fact communicated to you clearly because your relationship exists purely online.

Pros – they are cheap

A lot of the time freelance writers are quite young and inexperienced, so they are looking for jobs to do desperately so they can build up some credibility. This means that you can pay quite a low sum for a job if it’s easy. Make sure that it’s easy so you know that even if the writer is inexperienced, that they will be able to do it successfully. Say, for instance, you post grant writing jobs on You will most probably be inundated with offers from people to complete this task. So you can make them compete against each other, who is willing to do the task for the least amount of money.

Con – Language barrier

A lot of the time, the freelancer might be from a different country of part of the world from you. This can prove difficult as the information and briefing of the job may not be as easily communicated as you thought. In this situation, all you have to do is be patient and try and describe your job and task in the simplest terms possible.

There you have it! Hiring a writer who is freelance has its advantages: it is often cheap and the person works hard to earn their money. However, it can sometimes be tricky and problematic: because the freelancer could simply disappear and you might not be warned, or their might be a struggle to communicate with the freelancer due to a language barrier or communication problem. So when you hire someone to do a task for you that is freelance, make sure you check through their credentials first, and get them to ensure they can do the task.


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