CNC is an abbreviation for computer numerical control, which is basically a technique used by companies in order to automate machine tools by providing accurate commands. This eliminates human error completely from many different tasks and ensures that all manufacturing and machining is done with accurate specifications. CNC machining companies usually offer a number of services to their customers. They work with larger businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs, manufacturing and machining different kinds of products for them. Here are some of the main services offered by CNC machining companies.

CNC Machining

The flagship service offered by these companies is CNC machining. If you have any sort of general engineering project that needs to be done, the CNC machining company can assist you with the job. They have dedicated CNC turning centres and equipment that they can use in order to create any sort of particular component for you. If you have an idea for a prototype that you want created, the CNC machining company can assist you. You just have to provide the schematics and the blueprints as well as the specifications to the company and they will input them in the CNC turning centre. CNC machining is required for manufacturing all sorts of different parts. CNC machining in Perth is offered by many local companies so you can easily search online before setting an appointment with any company. Other services that fall in the same category include CNC horizontal boring, CNC honing, CNC drilling, CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC broaching, and others.

Replacement Parts

Replacement and spare parts are required by many companies for their machines. Due to the fact that most custom machines are generally designed to fulfil a specific purpose, it’s unlikely that you will find these replacement parts in the market. If there are particular components that need to be replaced due to wear and tear, you will need to get them machined from scratch and made specifically for use in that machine. You will need to provide the replacement component to the company and they will replicate the specifications and the material to create a replacement part that looks exactly the same as the original. Of course, because it is custom-made, you will probably have to pay a bit more money for getting the parts machined and manufactured.

If you want to get the components altered in design, the CNC machining company can assist you with that as well. After analysing your requirements, they will give you a quote for their services so you can decide whether the pricing is feasible or not and falls within your budget. These are the major services offered by most CNC machining companies around the city.



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