Located in the western part of Canada, Calgary is notable as a cattle and oil city that provides businesses with opportunities associated with these industries. The city will be guiding you in setting up your business here and make it a success. But before you can make all these things happen, you need to consider some factors, which may include the following:

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Conduct of a Market Research

Determine the needs for your desired product or service to offer in the market through investigative methods and surveys. Investigate the competition in the market in terms of the selling price and the target consumers.

Creation of a Business Plan

Make a comprehensive plan as to the exact location in Calgary you would like to operate your business, how would you provide or make your product or service, and how would you finance your business. You may use your market research in promoting your products or services and in describing their uniqueness.

Registration of Business with Alberta’s Government

Licensing requirements will vary based on the type of business you are planning to set up. You need not to be a resident of Alberta or Calgary to register your enterprise. However, you will be asked to appoint a resident to represent your company.

Use of Calgary Online Questionnaire for License Determination

Visit the website of the municipality and fill-in its questionnaire to help you identify whether your business requires a license or not. Among the businesses in need of license are escort services, massage parlours, kennels and hotels. You may also give the Licensing Division a call for the licensing need and its application process.

Contact of Appropriate Agency for Inspection Prior to License Application

The agency will notify you about any necessary inspections after the completion of business registration questionnaire or call the Licensing Division.

Application for a License Prescribed by the Municipality

Municipality-prescribed licenses depend on the type of enterprise you are about to operate. You will be authorized to run your business within the municipality as soon as the license is granted to you.

Getting Financial Aid

When necessary, it is a smart idea to get funding to start your business. Such can only be obtained if you show your professional-looking corporate plan to a loan officer.

Owning or Getting Business Property

See to it that your business property satisfies the needs you outlined in the business plan. Purchasing equipment for the operation of your business is also considered important. Ownership should be determined before applying for a license. You can actually own a property through corporation, partnership and sole proprietorship.

Getting Insurance for Property and Business

Both your property and your business need protection from liability claims and this can be attained through insurance. Make certain that your business is covered so there would be no problem in the long run.

Use the factors mentioned here as your guide when putting up your business. It is always a great idea to be knowledgeable and well prepared for your dreamed business. More of these considerations are available at the Businesses for sale Calgary.


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