Nowadays, technology applied to the world of work has greatly improved and with regards to the transport of heavy loads, the stair climberhas revolutionized the sector.

The electric stair climber are devices designed and manufactured to allow the transport of heavy materials on a scale, without taking risks and quickly and efficiently.

The stair climbers are mainly used to transport very heavy loads such as vending machines, safes, ATMs, and so on. To maneuver the most innovative stair climber it is no longer necessary to have large spaces available, and they can climb many types of stairs, even those helical: the weight is equally distributed over the entire base, avoiding going to ruin the floor.

Zonzini, a leading company in the sector, has devised, designed and marketed different types of stair climber, depending on the needs and the weight to be transported.

For the heaviest loads Zonzini proposes DOMINO AUTOMATIC, an innovative electric stairlift capable of carrying up to 400 kg, depending on the model chosen. Controllable even with the practical joystick, DOMINO AUTOMATIC is ideal for transporting heavy loads on stairs and only one operator will be sufficient, who will be able to deliver the goods without difficulty and without risk of hurting himself and ruining the load.

Buddy Lift is another of Zonzini’s most innovative stair climber dolly, which allows the load to be raised up to 80 cm in height, so that transport is easier, especially in narrow spaces. Moreover, thanks to the lifting function, Buddy Lift allows only one operator to unload the goods from the van, also in this case, avoiding damages to the operator and the goods.

Zonzini is a company that for over 40 years, has invested in research and development to try to propose stair climbing dolly, that can satisfy every type of transport need.


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