Almost all people understands the benefit of investment and want to see their money growing. And the stock market is one of the fastest growing platforms which allows you to grow your money in very less time. However, there is also the potential chance to lose your hard earned money if entered this market without proper learning. And it’s true that after gaining enough knowledge about the market, there will be very little room for error and so the loss is less if any. This is important for everyone, especially for the person who is not having more to invest and want to grow their small kitty bigger. Keeping this view in mind, the Motif investing was started. If you are a beginner and want to learn more about this option, then just have a look through the review of motif online.

Understanding the term motif investing is important

Motif Investing is an actually a broker which allows the investors create or make the basket of stocks or ETFs (exchange traded fund) and customize the weights of the crate you have made. Each crate is called a Motif, and this motif can keep 30 stocks at one point of time. At its simplest, Motif investment makes it potential to form and manage your own ETF for a little fee. The thought behind Motif is that rather than outlay upwards of $300 to get shares of thirty totally different stocks, a user will bundle the stocks and pay one fee of $9.95 and obtain all of them.

Options for both beginners and experts

Beginners and specialists alike will select industries and themes that they believe can succeed. They will build their own Motifs around their beliefs, notice skilled Motifs or they will choose other Motif finance users Motifs. Every theme is work around a topic or something like that. Being a beginner, if you would like to pick something specific then Motif has a lot for you. The professionally created specific motifs are here for you.

Specified Software

Motif has incised out an excellent area within the investment niche by making the software system that mixes individual stock selecting, and open-end investment company investment. It permits you to really build and manage your own portfolio, however at a fraction of the value.

Conclusion after the review of motif – related pros and cons


This platform allows investors for an easy grant of investment resources.

Anybody with access to a PC can enlist and open a record with any measure of money, in spite of the fact that an individual must have at any rate $250 to start exchanging.

Margin trading is offered till the trader continues to keep a minimum of $2,000 in their accounts.  

Numerous range or variety of motifs are available almost all the time and investors can create the motifs of their own choice.  


The default alternatives offer an extremely high level of security but the reward will be less.

If you are looking for this option as an experienced investor, then not much for you here.


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