When it comes to the GWC Valves International company, learning about stock exchange is a good idea if this is a possible incentive that they can receive. When it comes to the stock market and stock exchange, these are organized markets for the trading of stocks and bond and members of the owning association may buy and sell their stocks directly. Members or stockbrokers are there to buy and sell for themselves or for others and they charge commission on these services. When it comes to stocks, they may on be bought or sold if it is listed on an exchange and can only be listed if it meets requirements set by the exchanges board of governors. Stock exchanges are able to facilitate the financing of business through flotation of stocks and bonds.

Over the past years, computer-driven trading has affected the stock exchange market. This has given a rise to trading on an international level than ever before since it is easier to monitor different markets using different sources from the Internet. There are also different forms of computerized trading such as day trading which involves a high risk business where numerous computerized trades are made during a single day with large gains and large losses possible. There is another form of computerized trading which is called the high frequency trading and this is a computer program that analyzes the market and executes trades at high speed to reap momentary financial benefits. The typical high-frequency trader is employed by a well-capitalized firm and has been holding shares for brief periods of times and will usual sell all of their shares at the end of the day. These trading firms also have early access to information concerning orders for stock and can profit on such orders, which is something that has been widely criticized by many. Majority of all trades are now done by high-frequency traders since there has been a drop in private companies since most have been going public therefore allowing people to buy and sell their stocks.


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