Strategic planning is a tool which I am sure everyone has heard of, while almost say that like many other famous words (benchmarking, downsizing, etc..) Ends using ‘Why is Fashion’, and all does is create confusion, at all levels, about what really is and what it does.

This extending even to the point where it is interpreted as being the ‘solution’ to many business problems, even on occasions it can seem like the main product of many businesses is their strategic plan ….

A great confusion seen in the common conception of the people, is that strategic planning is only ‘for big companies’ which are those with the only resource that can afford to develop a sensible plan. But beware that all small, medium and large we are playing in the same field, competing in the market all and for the same customers …. and be sure that large companies ‘do their homework’ (for better or worse , but make them), thus leaving the planning for the big one, will not only increase their own chances of ‘Death’.

This does not mean that we should all spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop and implement a methodology and a strategic planning cycle, either, in a matter of hours you can put together an outline draft, you can set a strategic course of action that can be maintained competitive. (Obviously, if you can hire someone to help / advise much better).

But the strategic planning differs from other types of schedules, since it is based on developing your business strategy will continue for a period of time, and can be designed for a specific area of ??your business such as strategy planning marketing, and your business as a whole.

Usually in the traditional strategic planning, the most senior managers set the overall strategy of the company and then each of the areas set their own strategies, fully aligned with the company. Usually the plans were made for 5 years now becomes something completely unsustainable, let alone in the case of

Internet companies.
Another confusion is often seen that people confuse strategic planning with the preparation of a Business Plan (BP – Business Plan) or the preparation of a plan of action. In general and to clarify this in a simple way a BP develops when you are starting with something new, a new company, a new business area, a line of products / services. The strategy aims to growth while the BP is set at the beginning. The strategy may provide new business development / prod. / Serv. for which then there will be a BP.

The strategy sets ‘The Address’ where will our company is the ‘compass that guide us towards a successful attempt’ (to the achievement or accomplishment of our goals)

Although as we said strategic planning is not everything, is an important part of our business, as every action taken should be framed or aligned with the strategy to ensure that our resources are being invested in the strategic direction we choose.

But what is all this? is basically the process of search or into the future, is to start working today to define the type of company you want to be. Manage the ‘uncertainty’ of the future requires a constant attitude of ‘learning’ rather than ‘knowledge’ into the Future.

This process ideally should be done by bringing together experts from different areas than the sum of their experiences can put together a range of possibilities or scenarios of the market in which we will operate. And once that is settled, will decide which direction it will take our company, and how to deal with these possible scenarios, what key skills you must develop both the company itself, as well as their employees. This obviously accompanied by constant monitoring of reality, and the requirements of customers, it reshapes our strategy and adapting to reality.

In short, we can say that it is a very useful tool, which tends to eliminate the improvisation, reduce uncertainty, align resources to achieve better results, saving money, time and effort. Not just for specialists but is applicable to anyone.


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