If you own a nightclub, then you’ve probably enjoyed at least a few years of good profits if you’ve managed to stay in business. The average “shelf life” for a nightclub is three to five years before it becomes old news and you need to adapt to a new marketplace. This is primarily due to the fact that a nightclubs target demographic is a very narrow window, and after that period of time a new generation of patron will be coming in that craves something different than the generation that came before.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to pack up and close up shop all together; there are plenty of ways to adapt your club to this new environment and tap into extra revenues. Here are a few ways to keep your nightclub relevant and earning as much money as possible.

Bottle Service

One of the simplest ways to earn extra revenues in your nightclub is to offer bottle service packages rather than serving drinks exclusively to order. This can be a great way to bring in larger groups that will share their bottle service, as well as increase that average check size per guest. If you’ve already implemented a bottle service program, consider expanding your options to attract a more diverse crowd. You can also use bottle sparklers to dress up your packages and draw more attention to their existence. You can buy bottle sparklers for under $1 each and you will quickly see a spike in your bottle service sales. If you can’t use bottle sparklers per your local fire code, you can use LED bottle sparklers instead to get a similar effect.


Staying on top of the trendiest drinks will help you keep your nightclub relevant to the younger crowd that you desperately need to attract to stay in business. Though classic drinks like old fashions and gin and tonics have seen a huge resurgence, you still need to adopt the latest mixology trends. Younger patrons just love unique spirits like infused vodkas, flavored martinis, and even cocktails made with beer, so making sure you keep your drink menu fresh and trendy can help you earn a lot more revenue and keep your barstools and tables filled.

Nightclub Facelift

Probably the most drastic and expensive route to take to generate more revenue for your nightclub is to give it a total makeover or facelift. This could be something as simple as a fresh coat of paint and new lighting and decorations, or something as drastic as a full rebranding complete with a new name. Even if you’ve already lost a good chunk of your normal clientele, you can get them to come right back through the door if you offer a fresh and different look than you have for the previous years.

Event Hosting

Whether you have a separate room for parties and events or you just need to use your main club area, hosting events can be big money under the right circumstances. Most clubs don’t get busy until at least 5pm, even on a weekend, so offering your space for weddings, company parties, or corporate meetings can be very lucrative. Besides just advertising your space, you can network with local businesses to make them aware that it’s available for rent. You can even work out deals with hotels in your area to recommend your space if they are double-booked in their conference center to earn as much revenue as possible for your nightclub.


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