Leadership is mostly spoken about in terms of leading a team of others and focusing on pushing them to be the most efficient and productive they can be. What if we told you that you are actually the most important equation is leadership? Business thrives on strong leaders who help goals get met and work to move forward, but the thing powering those leaders actually comes from a discovery of self-management.

Why You Are the Most Important Component in Leadership

If you think about leadership, you are inspiring others to do their best, but how can they get that inspiration if you are not giving your best? When you can figure out what drives you, not only will you be more motivated, but the team that follows you will also find that motivation in themselves.

We communicate on so many levels that you may not even notice that you are subconsciously hindering your own leadership. Inner stress may cause you to micromanage or be unclear with your team, all of which will diminish your leadership. Employees are looking for a stable centre to act as a jumping off point that will allow them to be their best.

What Behaviours Are Key to Good Leadership?

Resiliency is one of the most key behaviours that you want to harness for good leadership. No matter what the challenge or goal, you are ready to take it on and lead your team to success. It also means always being able to influence your team members above all else. They look to you for guidance, and if you’re not there to tether them to the task, the dynamic will fall apart.

Emotional intelligence is also something you want to discover within yourself and bring to the table. Not all of this is at the surface already, but programs like Everest Academy leadership development will coax them out of you so that you can utilise them in everyday leadership. During a time when automation is on the rise, your most human skills and assets are more valuable than ever.

Being emotionally intelligent means that you are able to see your team for the group of individuals that they are and connect to each of them on a different level. Each person has something that drives them, or a way that they need to be treated to get things done, and being able to recognise that is a great strength to have.

Why You Need Complete Focus to Change Your Habits

The behaviours and habits that drive good leadership are not easy to jump into. Trying to live by new ways and strategies while still in the stressful environment of work or with the distraction of home won’t effect a change. You have to take this time for yourself to bring your best self back to your business.


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