Every organization considers its client or customer data as super vital and confidential. It is an asset that no organization would like to reveal and they would like to keep this crucial data extremely secretive.

All healthcare facilities and corporate organizations that deal with clients on a daily basis like a BPO or a healthcare facility like a hospital or a nursing home, or a financial institution or insurance organization would have data of customers on their database.

Organizations might be investing all their marketing and sales force teams to get personal or professional and sometimes even banking data. At the same time, the organization has the full responsibility of managing all these data properly.

Cloud storage safety from hackers:

Organizations that have many staff members working on customer data would also want to keep check on the staff and see the work they do with the data. They may want to monitor the users of their computers across their global offices. This is why they might wish to invest in going for user activity monitoring software , that might be able to keep track of every little thing that a user does on the company’s application.

What would they monitor using user activity monitoring system?

The organizations know the risk they have if the customer’s very confidential banking details go public. They would face brickbats for one, and secondly, they would also lose their face in the public. That is why they would rather aim to go for having a safe system of ensuring that all the users of that data use it wisely and fully in compliance with the HIPAA and other such regulatory bodies.

The fact is that just like a company buys many of these data from various companies and vendors, they also have the duty to protect them and then ensure that these data after use goes permanently deleted. This is also one of the things that requires equal amount of care and this is what user activity monitoring would do.

How does the software come to use?

When a patient for instance, registers himself in a hospital and goes for a full medical checkup, all his medical history goes in the database. This Electronic Health Record will be there in the hospital records and the hospital should also employ or invest in means or software to ensure that they protect this sensitive data.

The user activity monitoring software from reputed companies works with special features and offers a host of benefits. The benefits would include:

  • Giving analytical report on delicate data on the brink of a threat online
  • Giving alerts to the in-house IT teams and database admins to give more protection to the data

Companies are becoming savvy and have plenty of data rolling out every day, and the best way to store such data would not be manually, but by storing them away in a software. However, since, there are also unscrupulous people along with the decent people, organizations want to monitor everyone on their data handling.



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