It is very clear that each and every state and country have its own strategic planning. Everything is related to the welfare of a country. It can be said that welfare of a country is very important for the development of human civilization. The city has developed exceptionally in many aspects.

The strategic direction of Calgary:

The strategic planning Calgary is really a very important one. Now let’s have a look on the strategic issues of Calgary. The City follows a continuous approach to achieving the 100-year vision of the Plan, through the Municipal Development Plan, the Calgary Transportation Plan and the 2020 Sustainability Direction.  The City’s operating and capital budgets are finalized and they are mainly focussing on various issues like development and growth of some areas of the city. The City’s four-year business plans and budgets mark progressive steps The City needs to take to achieve our 100-year vision.

  • The MDP or Municipal Development Plan describes the land use for long-term growth and development patterns in Calgary. It provides policies that integrate social, economic and environmental objectives for the next 60 years. These policies speak of the need for a more sustainable city that provides the citizens of today and in the future with a high quality of life, high quality of living environments and convenient means to get around. The policies in the Municipal Development Plan are linked directly to those in the Calgary Transportation Plan.
  • Calgary Transportation Plan or the CTP describes transportation for long-term mobility, growth and development patterns in Calgary. It helps shape our communities and employment centres, and it determines how we move within and among these places. The plan provides policies that integrate social, economic and environmental objectives for the next 60 years with a focus on mobility. The policies in the CTP are linked directly to those in the Municipal Development Plan.
  • The City has already framed the 2020 Sustainability Direction to bridge The City’s four-year business plan and budget cycle with the 100-year vision along with development of some major issues and the 60-year outlook of the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan. The Sustainable Development 2020 contains goals, objectives, targets, indicators and strategies stating what must happen at The City over the next 10 years to contribute towards the 100-year vision. In 2012, The City reported that approximately 80 per cent of its 2020 goals were on track to being achieved.

The strategic plan is exceptionally excellent. The plan will mainly highlight the goal and plan of the future. It has been found that all the areas that were not highlighted came into forefront.

A countries development depends to some extent on the entire development and upliftment of a country. It can be said that a development of a country is equally important in all the aspects. The City of Calgary Plan on action and promotion is a year-long process during which citizens; City Council and City staff establishes our future direction and find the right balance between investing in quality public service and keeping tax rates affordable.

It’s more than a review of our municipal purpose; it’s a big conversation about serving a great city.


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