In this modern epoch of digitalization, the traditional ways of brand promotion still have it say. Thanks to the fact, in spite of online shopping gaining a dominant foothold in the consumer market, still there are people, those who prefer the old-school shopping from their local stores.

Promotional banners and brochures are the two probable under the budget promotion techniques employed by brick-and-mortar outlets to spread a word about an ongoing sale or any exclusive offer. But, what about promotional labels? Marketing labels are peelable stickers, typically having a special message on it such as an offer or any crucial information about the product.

These marketing stickers by promotional label supplier are often under-weighted by the stores when comes to promoting their consumer outlet. They think these are outdated stuff and have no role to play in the 21st century. On the contrary to the sayings of many, investing in quality promotion labels, you can go long way in promoting your store not only in your vicinity but cover a large consumer base.  Scroll down to check out the top five reasons to put in money on promotional labels and stickers.

  1. Proven results

According to many global studies and surveys on the consumers, products with a promotional offer externally attached to it “peelable promotional sticker” has greater chances of getting picked off the display rack in comparison to ones with no such label. And, a report published by Inmar is also in line with the above benefit of advertisement labels. It states that in the year 2014 IRC’s had a redemption rate of 32.67, while the 0.4 percent was for the Sunday supplement. And at the end of the day, the tool to measure a successful business is profits it makes.

Plus, your customer will feel connected to your business, and this relationship will help you to establish an enviable position in the consumer market and keep your phone call ringing.

  1. Low-cost marketing technique

In the era of cut-throat competition, and with the emergence of e-commerce websites as a strong force, survival for small consumer outlets is a tough ask. But, thanks to promotional labels and stickers you can survive and thrive in the consumer market. With a small price tag yet long lasting influencing results, promotional labels are a great value for time and monetary investment. Keeping the above in mind, a simple giveaway is a great way to augment customer loyalty.

  1. Best alternative to business card

While the business cards will always be a valuable business staple, marketing labels are a creative and fun way to showcase your contact information that will help to build a long-term consumer-store relationship. Instead of just offering a tangible and misplace card switch to promotional stickers. Thoughtful and well designed promotional labels can do what you expect it to do with a guarantee.

From the above three benefits, it is advent that promotional labels are always worth an investment for both small and big consumer stores. However, you need to find a promotional label supplier to provide customize peelable stickers for your campaign.


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