Pallet delivery is the most economical and preferred means of transporting very big, heavy and bulky items from their origin to destination. This type of delivery is frequently employed for heavy machinery and equipment like construction machinery, piano, bath tubs, and also for smaller items that go together in a large number. While most of us would not think about pallet delivery as a special form of delivery, it is quite different from regular courier or parcel in the way it is packed, stacked, handled and transported.

There are many vendors offering pallet delivery services. Before considering pallet transportation through or any other service provider, you should consider the following points:

How big will the pallet be?

Pallet delivery is subject to standard norms and specifications regarding the dimensions and weight of each pallet. A quarter (1/4) pallet has a base of dimensions 120×100 cm and the maximum weight it can carry is 250 kg, including packing material, with the height restriction of 80 cm. A half (1/2) pallet has the same dimensions of the base, but more material can be stacked on it up to a maximum weight of 500 kg, with a height restriction of 110 cm. A full pallet can carry 1000 kg on the same base, but with a height restriction of 200 cm.

What kind of packing material will be used?

Pallets are special parcels that require special packing. The use of corrugated cardboard material for packing individual units before stacking them on top of the pallet base allows even weight distribution and minimises the chances of damage to the item to be shipped.In addition, pallet deliveries employ shrink plastic wrapping on the final stack to minimise the bulk and to keep all components stacked properly during shipping. It is advisable to check out the packaging styles and materials before booking pallet transportation through or another delivery company. It is common for delivery companies to use straps or other bands to hold the loaded pallets in place.

What kind of transport vehicle will be used?

Owing to the extra heavy items being transported through pallets, due consideration must be given to the handling and transportation machinery that will be used by the delivery company. In addition, if you are transporting perishable items by pallet delivery, the company should provide features like cold storage and ensure that the items are not subjected to warm conditions until their reach their destination.

How will the road regulations be streamlined?

Since the carriers for pallets are usually bulky and huge, sometimes it is necessary to contact the road and highway authorities to get approval for their movement. This is done to avoid using the roads at peak hours where other traffic might be disrupted. If this is the case with your delivery, you should ask the delivery company about it.

Before booking pallet transportation through or another service provider, it is important to look at their track record and experience in pallet delivery.


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