As a reflection of the services you offer and the products that are for sale, your store is the first thing that customers see that will entice them to shop with you. Drawing customers in to see what they have available is one of the biggest challenges for store-owners and often the first thing that can be improved upon when looking at sales.

A shop that entices and intrigues shoppers will get them through the door and then your products have a chance to speak for themselves. There is a lot of advice about increasing customer flow online, such as in the recent Chron article featuring ideas on how to attract customer cheaply. However, there are also important top tips that store-owners can easily implement to shape up their store straight away:

Improve the look of your store

Inside and out, the appearance of your store can have a big impact on whether or not a potential customer will decide to shop with you. Stores that don’t look appealing from the outside won’t invite customers in, while stores that are unkept inside will put doubt into the shopper’s mind about the quality of your products. A touch up of the paint inside and out as well as investing in eye-catching displays with a bold brand can go a long way to getting customers inside and keeping them inside.

Unclutter and re-focus your products

Cluttered stores are a big off-put for potential customers, if they can’t see a product amongst all the other products, they can’t be expected to purchase it. Not only is it key to create a modern and unclutter store front, but drawing attention to those products you want a customer to focus on can significantly improve sales. Best-selling products or high earning products should be made visible to shoppers, drawing their attention to what you want to sell them.

Advertise what makes you unique

Attract customers to your store by advertising what makes your store and products unique. A store that is the same as everyone else is unlikely to attract much customer attention, picking out the aspects that makes your store stand out and advertising them for everyone to see, can help to establish your unique brand. Shape up your store by allowing customers to see the best you have on offer and tell them what makes it worthwhile shopping with you over everyone else.

Entice Customers with deals

Every customer likes a deal, especially if it is well advertised and a specialty product that you offer. Potential customers enticed by deals will often stop to see what else is available, attracting a lot of attention to your store. By keeping up with the local trends and forming deals around the most popular items at any given point, people will look to your store for the latest merchandise. Trends are often fast moving but staying on top of them and developing your deals to the theme, is a highly effective way of bringing in sales.

Get social and cause a stir

Documenting new products, services, and special events on social media, brings your store to the forefront of potential customer’s minds. Bring your products to them, entice them to check out the latest deals you have or cause a stir over a big event your holding, social media can be an easy way to spread the word about your brand. Getting customers to like your social media page to get the best deals will alert them every time you want to advertise something new about your store, encouraging them to visit in person and increase your sales.

Seek a professional service

One of the best ways to increase your store appeal and subsequently increase your financial turnover is through the use of a field marketing agency. From finding out what about your store can be improved upon and attracting the highest number of customers, to services that examine your products, there are many categories that can be helped. The use of a field marketing agency is an ideal solution for stores that drastically need to improve their sales or those stores that are trying to over-take competition in the same area as them.

Highlighting the aspects of your customer service that may need improving or just to show you want your doing right and how to keep it going, professional assistance can easily pay for itself. One of the prime services that a field marketing agency can provide is a retail audit, providing a detailed look into everything from sales to promotional campaigns to help you to shape up your store.


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