Ever wondered to have a secured educational policy for your child? We tend to get reclusive for it might not be secured. But with Knowledge First Financial you don’t have to worry about fulfilling your child’s educational dream. Education is the right of every child and Knowledge First Financial believes in assisting people with educational savings program. Since its inception in 1965, the company has had many successes. It is exclusively for the residents of Canada. Knowledge First Financial is a brand new name chosen by the company. It is a Registered Education Savings Plan for parents to save their children’s post-secondary schooling in Canada. They deal in educational savings services and products. It was previously known as USC Education Savings Plans. By bringing many changes including the brand name, the President of the company, George Hopkinson, aims the company to the leader of education savings solution in the whole of Canada. Knowledge First Financial reviews states thatit currently holds 10% of national market share of entire Canada.

Introduction of brand new product after name change

Knowledge First Financial takes a wise decision in investing in assets like government bonds. Over the past 10 years, the company has had a massive return of 6%. It has launched a complimentary new product after rebranding and will be known as Flex First Plan. This will be a dollar based plan with bonuses of up to 9.5%. Having this plan will make a person eligible for all grants. This will be a flexible plan and will also include loyalty bonus. Knowledge First Financial reviews are based on customer service, compliance and better products.The company aims to find out strategies to have sustainable development for anelongated period of time. By bringing in many changes thecompany aims to transform the company and make it the top company with regards to education saving schemes in the Canadian market. The company has been long dedicated to help Canadian citizens obtain a post-secondary learning. It also helps parents to learn the importance of children’s education savings.

Vision of Knowledge First Financial

The vision of the company is to be the leader of education savings in Canada by delivering best products and better customer relationships. It also wants parents to realize the importance of education savings. The name was changed by keeping several things in mind. Such as, generating value for customers, success oriented results, sales motivated business, strong teamwork and professionalism and trust. These ideologies have really contributed in creating a brand new name as well as other changes in the company. Knowledge First Financial believes that knowledge gained after secondary education is vital to a child’s future. As Knowledge First Financial deals in educational savings, its mission is to help Canadians get education without any hindrances. Even by adopting a brand new name, it further wants to get deep in to the market and achieve a top spot. Transforming is a good thing, after all ‘change is progress’.


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