When you have come to make the decision to finally get that boat you have been dreaming of and jump-into the boating lifestyle, it all boils down whether you want to buy a new one ore a second hand. In fact, there is no straightforward answer to that since each buyer has its own unique and different requirements.

There are pros and cons to both the new and second hand yachts so it is worth considering these carefully before making a purchase.

Some people have the habit to feel good everytime they buy new things, whether it is a bike, a car, a house or any other things you can possess while others look into good quality used item which can still represent prudence and value to you. Asian Yachting, a Hong Kong-based exclusive private yachting dealership and brokerage is ready to help you choose your second-hand yacht in Hong Kong.

To help you on your decision on what’s best for you; whether if its brand new yacht or a second hand yacht, here are some pros and cons you might want to consider.


A lot of people are looking to purchase their yacht by starting to ask themselves a question about its purpose. They are using the yacht either for cruising, fishing, water sports and what features you want on your yacht. After you have chosen the type of boat you want, deciding whether to buy a new or used boat depends partly upon your budget, but there are other factors you need to consider too, there are pros and cons to both new and pre-owned yachts.

Buying a new yacht is for people who knows exactly what they wanted since they are confident of the yacht’s features and aspects and they are also looking to keep it for a long span of time.

The benefits of buying a new yacht are that you can choose the precise specification and colors. You will also have the benefit of the warranty protection that comes with new purchases and of course the peace of mind that you can avail of the dealer’s future advice, training and assistance including boat maintenance.

However, new boats like vehicles will get depreciated in the first few years of ownership, but if you are not in a rush to replace it, you can appraise it as it gains value eventually.

For those who are into used yachts, or second hand yachts, it is a very sensible choice if you are conscious with your budget. If you choose second hand yacht, for sure you will save up more than half the price of a new boat.

Its downside however is that this yachts generally comes with zero warranty from the dealer of the previous owner while some offers minimal warranty. The dealer or the broker can only provide you with the boat’s title and paper works so that it can legally sail the waters. You should examine the yacht first and bring in trusted mechanic or a surveyor to see if it is still in good condition and if i is well maintained.

In the end, regardless of what you are buying you should demand a sea trial before you buy it. There is nothing worse in this world than taking your boat for a short cruise to see it going home on the trailer without getting wet.


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