If you don’t have a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), you’re not working at your most efficient. However, if you don’t have one of these systems, it may be because you don’t really understand what they are or what advantages they provide. The long name can make some people wary, especially those who don’t necessarily feel comfortable with computers. Fortunately, most CMMS programs are easy to operate and can help you manage your business’s maintenance needs. Here are a few things these systems can do so you can see why you may want to invest in one.

Keep up with Other Departments

Few accounting, HR, and marketing departments are doing things by hand. They’ve all switched to computerised systems and many continue to update to the most recent programs so they have an edge over their competitors. Why haven’t you introduced a CMMS to your maintenance department? This may not always be your decision. Some managers and other higher-ups don’t see the point in investing in their maintenance departments. They see it as a waste of money since there’s no immediate tangible income there.

It’s hard to show how much money you save the company due to preventative maintenance and timely repairs. Because of this, you may still be using tools and systems that are more than a decade old. With more complex systems being implemented across the company, though, maintenance is needed now more than ever. You should make your case for updating to one of the different CMMS systems available today.

Consolidate Everything

A CMMS creates one point for all maintenance needs. It lets you organise and prioritise your maintenance requests, including all of the important information related to these requests. You can store and track any work orders that come in, keep a record of your purchases and what tools and parts you have in your inventory, and create detailed reports that allow you to show exactly how much work your department has done. This can go a great way towards justifying why your department needs the budget it has.

Automate Your Processes

One of the things that can drag a maintenance department down is the paperwork it takes to get a simple request put through the system. With a CMMS, however, anyone in the company can submit a work order through the system. The program then creates the paper copy of the order, looks at what parts are available, highlights available employees, and much more. It’s all customisable, so you can have your CMMS provide you with whatever information you need automatically. It’s all done within a few seconds, rather than the hours it might have taken you before.

Make it Easier to Handle Preventative Maintenance

As a maintenance department, you need to handle preventative maintenance as well as current maintenance issues. Your CMMS will be able to track when you should do certain preventative maintenance tasks. The system will provide you with reminders, let you know what parts and tools will be needed, and even note when you need to replace worn-out items.


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