Do you need to have your own personal space inside of your home for a home office? It’s the one spot where you’ll focus on getting your work done without getting interrupted by anyone else who lives in the home with you. While you may not have an office in your home, it’s possible to transform certain rooms into your personal office space where you’ll get to complete your daily tasks. Some rooms are often more ideal than others for this specific purpose.

The Basement

Are you not really using your basement for anything other than storage purposes? If it’s rather empty and no one goes into the basement, it may be the perfect room for you to transform into your home office for several reasons. For starters, the basement may be a lot cooler than the rest of the home on days when it’s quite hot outside. In addition to feeling cooler, it may be spacious enough for all the different items you’re going to need to put in your home office.

You’re going to need to have enough space for a Desk View desk, computer, desk chair, filing cabinets, and other important office-related essentials. If you can measure the amount of space you have available in your basement and it’s spacious enough for these essentials, you’ll have yet another good reason to transform your basement into your home office.

The goal is to turn a room into the office where you can enjoy your privacy. When you’re trying to stay focused on the tasks you need to complete, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is people coming in and out of the room interrupting you and trying to talk to you when you’re busy. Not only is it frustrating, but it can ruin productivity levels when you’re trying to get as much done as possible. Choosing to use the basement for your home office is a great way to get the privacy you want and need while working in an area that is quiet and comfortably cool.

You may need to put in some work to make the basement look more inviting so that it starts to have that office look and feel instead of a basement look and feel. For example, if the basement is rather dark, you could always choose to paint the walls with a bright color, such as white, yellow, or orange. After painting the walls, add some artwork to brighten up the office space and make it look even more aesthetically pleasing than it looked before.

The only potential problem with the basement may be the lack of windows. If your basement doesn’t have a lot of windows, you won’t get a lot of natural sunlight shining through. Even though a lack of natural sunshine may be a tad bit disappointing, your basement may still be the ideal place for you to setup your home office.

The Guest Bedroom

You may have a guest bedroom in your home, but do you even have a lot of guests coming to your home to sleep over? If it’s rare for you to have guests sleeping over, why waste a perfectly good room when it’s hardly getting used? It’s better to take advantage of the space you have available by simply choosing to transform that room into your home office. While a basement may be ideal if you don’t have a spare bedroom to use, it’s always better to go with the guest bedroom if you have it available because then you’ll likely have an office space with much larger windows.

It helps to have larger windows because then you can let a lot more natural sunlight into the room while you’re working. The natural sunlight could give you more energy and make you feel more productive when you’re working on different tasks. In addition to the natural sunlight, the guest bedroom may come with a door you can lock to keep people out during the day when you’re working. Even if the door doesn’t have a lock, you can always replace the doorknob with a new one that does come equipped with a lock, making sure you no longer have to worry about anyone walking into the room when you’re on an important work-related phone call or when you’re in the middle of doing something important because you don’t need the distractions.

The guest bedroom may already be painted, so you could have a bit less work to do when you’re transforming it into your home office. You’d simply need to remove the dressers and any sleep-related items from the guest bedroom and then replace those items with your office desk, filing cabinets, and other work-related must-haves. You may even want to hang a few plants by the windows to add more appeal to your home office. Not only do plants tend to look beautiful inside of a home office, but they help to keep the air inside the room both pure and fresh.

If you’re going to start working from home, you need to have a comfortable, spacious place to do so where you won’t have to constantly deal with interruptions. The last thing you need is your partner or children walking right into the room and speaking loudly when you’re on the phone, in the middle of a conference call, or even trying to do something that needs to get done that very minute. You’ll need to take the work seriously, so it’s important for you to have that personal, private space to work.

While you may not already have a home office, you can transform one of the rooms in your home into an office where you can easily get your work done. The basement is a great choice if you don’t have any additional rooms to spare because it’s a quiet, spacious room for you to use. However, if you do have a guest bedroom, consider converting it into your home office so that you’ll have a private, spacious, and bright area to complete the work in front of you.


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