Vacuum cleaners are not just designed for the floor. They can be used to clean all of your machinery as well. There are several different types of businesses which will be able to use this type of machinery:

  • Warehouses can use this type of vacuum cleaner.
  • Factories can use this type of vacuum cleaner.
  • Commercial buildings can use this type of vacuum cleaner.

These machines are made to a very high standard and they are going to last for an extremely long time. The vacuums are going to make sure that the machines are completely clean.

Which substances are the vacuums going to remove from the machinery?


The machines that are being used might run on oil. Usually, this oil is never going to leak out from the machines. However, this might occur occasionally. The oil is going to need to be cleaned up as soon as possible. This is going to be possible when you have the right kind of industrial vacuum cleaner. The oil can be separated from other materials such as metal filings when a special vacuum cleaner from Depureco is used.


Coolant flows through the machinery and it is going to make sure that nothing is going to overheat. The coolant may have started to leak through the machine, which is a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. The coolant could damage the performance of the machine.

The coolant can be separated from other materials such as metal and plastic. The vacuum cleaner is going to remove even the smallest amount of coolant from the outside of the machine. Once the coolant has been removed, the machine can be used once again. Inspect the machine on a regular basis to make sure that coolant has not started to leak out.

Swarf (Shards Of Metal And Other Materials)

Tiny shards of metal will be produced when a cutting lathe or a sanding machine is being used. These can be extremely difficult for you to remove from the outside of the machine and the workstation. You will need the right kind of equipment to complete this job. Once all the swarf has been removed from the machine and the surrounding area, then the process is going to be able to begin again.


There are several types of attachments which are going to enable any type of machine to be cleaned thoroughly. Tools can also be cleaned using this method. Every internal and external surface of the machine can be cleaned properly.

The Impact Of This Cleaning Equipment

The cleaning equipment is going to ensure that the machines are not left in a state of uncleanliness. This vacuum is going to be able to deal with a wide range of contaminants such as oil and swarf. The machine should work perfectly once the cleaning process has been carried out.


Coolant, swarf and oil can all be cleaned from a machine that has become contaminated. Even a large amount of oil or coolant is going to be cleaned away.


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