4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Catering Business


The Four Mistakes You Need to Avoid For Your Catering Business To be a Success 

Running a catering business is not as easy as one may think. Every business has its own set of challenges. The tv and movies make it look so easy.

Do you want success with your business for many years to come? Well, there are 4 mistakes you should avoid because they will cost you.

1) You need to have good personal hygiene. Good personal hygiene involves more than just taking a bath or shower. You need to be presentable and look the part. Your hair needs to be up while you are on the clock. Your nails need to look clean and be in great shape. Your clothing needs to be cleaned, pressed, and impeccable to the public.

Your equipment needs to be cleaned and safe at all times. Your tables need to look spectacular.

“The food needs to look appetizing. Part of the appeal is the personal presentation you bring to the table”

Says Michael Desatnik of , a retailer that caters to businesses in the food service industry.  

2) You may want your business to showcase the cooking as it happens, which is fine. You need to keep the showcase clean of infection and bugs. Your presentation needs to be high-quality. You may decide to go the opposite route, in which case you should keep the doors closed.

Your staff might not like the idea of people watching them do their job. You should respect their feelings. Closing the doors also blocks out the noise. Your customers do not want to hear what is happening behind the scenes. 

3) Your menus need to be presentable and have options. You should think quality over quantity. Your customers want to see a menu with 10-12 well-cooked foods, not a menu filled with items that are just “ok”.

Design your menu to fit your brand. You may be a simple catering business, so your meals need to reflect this. You are not competing with anyone but yourself.

4) Value your staff and everything they do. Their pay may be small in the beginning, so find other ways to value and appreciate them. They will hang around a lot longer if you do.


Building your own business is hard work. The blood, sweat, and tears will be worth it as long as you stick with your game plan. Value your staff because without them you would have to do everything on your own. Stay on track with your budget and understand your profit margins. Create a business that people want to hire, so they can enjoy the ambiance and food.