5 Things That Will Ruin Your Trip If You Don’t Fix Them Beforehand


Trips and vacations are meant to be fun, enjoyable, and memorable. They’re not meant to be ruined.

But unfortunately, there are a number of things that will ruin your trip if you don’t get them squared away first, and that’s what we’re going to talk about here.

Here are five things that will ruin your trip if you don’t :

1 – A Lack of a Budget 

This one will really hurt you financially speaking, especially if you don’t exactly make the greatest income in the world.

The easiest way to set a budget is to simply set an excel spreadsheet, and be specific. Actually set a daily budget for everything from food to miscellaneous expenses to hotel rooms to airfare and so on. And whatever you do, don’t put yourself into debt by putting all the charges on a credit card without paying it off. 

2 – An Overstuffed Suitcase (or Suitcases) 

Traveling lightly will be preferable for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s easier and less stressful to travel lighter. It will also be easier to fit in the suitcase in the overhead bins in an airplane and for carrying along while you work your way through cities, airports, and other public areas.

If you’re currently overstuffed, make some sacrifices. You really won’t need as much as you may think you do. 

3 – No Overseas Payment Option  

Have you asked yourself how you will pay for things ? You’ll be glad to hear that you have a number of reliable choices available at your disposal, from bank wire transfers to money transfer services to foreign credit cards to cold hard cash. As a golden rule, have two payment methods figured out. 

4 – No Laptop and Wi-Fi Router  

In other words, not having the things you need to work online while you’re on the go (if this applies to you). Most people know the importance of bringing their laptop and not just their phone, but far fewer realize that they should also bring a Wi-Fi router in the event that they don’t get reliable Wi-Fi access from a public hotspot. 

5 – An Invalid Passport

There’s something you need to know about passports: just because it’s still technically valid doesn’t necessarily mean that countries will accept it.

Specifically, you’ll likely be denied entry into a country if your passport has six months before it becomes expired. The reason why is because if you are delayed for any other reason, the authorities want to ensure that you’ll still legally be able to leave.

Getting Things In Order Before You Travel

 The good news about each of these is that you can fix each of them before you leave on your trip. Just as there are certain items you don’t want to, there are also certain tasks and responsibilities that you will need to get squared away before you leave too.