5 Ways to Monitor & Analyse Your Trade Show Audience Traffic


We see digital technology spreading its roots everywhere, from transforming business operations to revolutionizing marketing strategies and customer experience. It has gotten too deep into every domain that it is changing the rules of the game. When it comes to trade shows and expos, the constant evolution of technology has continuously changed how we organise these events and is also shaping the expectations of the audience.

We see the use of technology in enhancing customer engagements and experience, but the same technology can be used to understand and monitor customer trends. The event technology is quite a hot domain right now and it is a great opportunity for businesses to harness its potential and put it to use at their next expo. Check out these wonderful pieces of work that can help you track visitors and interaction at your next trade show.

  1. Wi-Fi and RFID monitors

Usually, at most trade shows, attendees have RFID identity cards for various uses at the event, and with smart detection and monitoring systems, vendors and planners can track the movement and interactions of the attendee. This enables them to track their interests, engagements and patterns, and when this is done for a larger audience, it can help identify trends and in turn identify the engaging elements of their booth.

  1. Engagement trackers

For a booth that has interactive displays or is using some systems to personalize the user interactions with the exhibit, these engagement trackers can help understand the interaction patterns of the users. With complex analytics algorithms in place, these trackers can monitor useful details like engagement time, usage patterns, sections that got the most attention etc. and generate valuable reports for retrospection.

  1. Drones

The drones have become an integral part of any event. Be it some business convention, trade show or informal celebrations, the drones are being used for videography, special attractions and a lot of fascinating stuff. But at a trade show, apart from doing a bird-eye view coverage for your exhibit, the drones can be used to scan and take pictures for the entire event and these can be analysed to find the crowd density and different booths and identify the attractive featuring at different booths.

4.Social media analytics

It has become a popular trend among companies to promote their events with hashtags and dedicated social media handles and encourage the audience to follow and share these. While these are usually seen as a measure of an event’s success, by using advanced analytics tools, planners and marketers can get a valuable insight of people’s likings and also find mentions of their organisation to formulate effective marketing strategies.

  1. 360 degree cameras

A great way to improve is to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Use cameras to cover your floor and monitor the interactions of the audience with your exhibit. Track their interests, record their movement across the booth and capture their feedbacks. Use robust analytics software for an elaborate SWOT analysis.

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