Acceptance with ValueMags


Accepting and being at peace with a situation or reality is among the greatest challenges for humans. Some are better at it than others. is a Chicago based company that is internally promoting good values to all of their employees. With an increase in hate crimes, racism, and depressing negative news reports, ValueMags is trying to promote some positivity in the world.

The most recent racist act that was appalling to many is that of a suburban man committing a hate crime. The man left a threatening voicemail for a Muslim-American civil rights activist. The voicemail not only slandered the Muslim religion and their God but glorified Christianity and the Christian God. Using a series of violent swear words, the man yelled that the activist should leave the country because he is not welcome. The behaviour and mind set resides in a lot of Americans unfortunately and is even more unfortunately encourage by the President of the United States himself. The offended says that he often gets voicemails, phone calls, and faxes with people voicing their opinion on his practices but never that extreme. The extremity of this circumstance has lead him to file death threats with the FBI and Chicago police. Now, him and his activist colleagues are under protection and close watch by the police and FBI. Their protection can only last so long though. The real issue is the pessimism that Americans are downing in. They are fed constant negativity and bigotry through media that has enforced or morphed their values and ways of thinking.

Given, there are issues with immigration as there is in every sector. However, the greatest issue America has is Americans. Americans cultivate goodness just as much as their harvest problems, negativity, and other issues. It is up to fellow Americans to stop putting up with their fellow American’s behaviour and bigoted mind sets. For further commentary on acceptance and values Americans need to work towards, visit the link provided above.