All You Need to Know About Construction Accidents


Each day, thousands of construction workers put their lives on the line. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction laborers are at number ten, on The Ten Deadliest Job list. In 2011 alone, there were 874 deaths as a result of construction site accidents, accounting for close to eighteen percent of all of the on-the-site fatalities during this particular period. Additionally, research has revealed that five in every one hundred construction workers are non-fatally injured on the job every year.

You can agree with me that these are staggering numbers, and reflect heavily on the risk levels in the construction environment. There are lots of reasons why the numbers of deaths in these places have dramatically increased. Surrounded by all sorts of machinery, tools, building materials, and harmful chemicals, it is easy to see why construction workers can often find themselves facing hazards at any given time. However, whether the injury is caused by the employee, inclement weather or the equipment still continues to be a debate in the construction workplace.

In this particular post, we’ll discuss the most common causes of construction site injuries. Stay tuned and enhance your knowledge.


Bearing in mind that construction sites are a work in continuity, there are, usually exposed wiring, faulty electrical systems around electrically charged metal items and power lines. Coming into contact with any of these components can lead to electrocution, shock or even death.


The extended periods of working in humid and harsh conditions often lead to overexertion, which might cause dehydration, heat strokes and a host of other medical conditions.

Falls from high points or scaffolding.

In most instances, construction workers are needed to work at extremely high points, on ladders and scaffolding, roofs and windows. This makes construction workers highly susceptible to falling. Perhaps it is worth noting that accidents in this category account for thirty-four percent of job site fatalities, and this is per the report by the Bureau of Labor Statistic.

Falls and slips.

Ranging from the uneven ground to small holes in the roofs, from stray materials and tools, there are many risk factors on the construction site which could cause sudden trips, slips and falls.

Falling materials, objects or debris.

Most construction sites have projects consisting of multiple levels, making individuals on the lower parts prone to falling objects, debris, and other heavy materials. These accidents can potentially lead to severe injuries or even deaths in some cases.

Fires and explosions.
Explosions and fires might occur, due to leaking pipes and gas, or faulty electrical systems.

Machinery accidents.

Workers on a construction site usually come into contact with many heavy types of machinery including bulldozers, nail guns, jackhammers and cranes. Any slight error with any of this equipment could lead to fatal accidents.

Collapsing trenches.

In most cases, trenches are often a necessity in every construction workplace. If in any case, a trench sinks while workers are inside, it could subject them to being hit with machinery, tools, soils and other materials, or they could even get buried in the adjacent dirt.

Probably you’ve realized that many construction sites are typically located near to highways or roads. This means that drivers can get distracted by the job on the site, and if the driver is not keen enough, it is likely that a worker might get knocked by the passing truck or any other vehicle.

These are the common types of accidents which occur at the construction sites. Unfortunately, when you are injured as a construction worker, it is not only your health that is affected but your livelihood together with the welfare of your family. On-the-site accidents and injuries can subject you to expensive medical treatments and bills, due to chronic back pains, traumatic head injuries or even broken bones. Certain individuals after being injured in construction fall usually suffer from fear of heights and anxiety problems which require special treatment. The primary consequence is that you might find yourself in a very dire financial situation if you are not keen.

The question then becomes, what steps should you follow after being involved in a construction accident? The answer is simple. When you sustain an injury on the site, you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits offered by the insurer of the employer. In certain circumstances, however, workers wounded in a construction accident caused through a non-employer third party’s negligence or disregard for safety has the legal right to seek compensation for related damages through a personal injury lawsuit. You may claim compensation for;

• Lost income.

• Property losses.

• Physical therapy and medical bills.

• Loss of companionship.

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The Bottom Line.

If either you, your relative or your loved one died as a result of injuries sustained in a construction site, it could be wise to seek justice and get the compensation benefits you are entitled to, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses and future medical support. If you are stuck and doesn’t know what to do, you can contact the attorneys at the Warren and Kallianos, for support.