All You Need to Know About Removalists


The first impression most folk have when they think about any removalists, is that of burly fellows who lift and move heavy items into and out of a building, right?!

And they are often unfairly portrayed as being somewhat uncaring about people’s beloved belongings and knock them into walls and bannisters and remain blissfully ignorant of any kind of damage which has happened to any of the items being moved around.

  • But being honest, today’s much more professional movers manage every item as if they were their own.

After all, it’s vital to carry out a job properly, and thus ensure the good name and reputation of the company. Having a bad reputation will ensure a limited amount of work, especially today with the easy access to reviews on the internet.

Their Job is Not Only Carrying Things Into and Out of Buildings

Furniture removalists do indeed move furniture, but that is only one element of their full job detail. Reliable and professionals in home and , know how to handle an entire home or office’s worth of furniture, all items and boxes.

And while removalists can come over to transfer a specific item, such as a pool table or Jacuzzi, from downstairs to upstairs in a building, most of a mover’s duties revolve around the likes of packing, listing, loading, moving and finally unloading people’s possessions.

Before the Move

Prior to any item being picked up, he/she will come around and place numbered stickers on each packed box, appliance, and furniture. Each of these items will then be made note of on an inventory list. The removalists will keep hold of one copy, and the other is given to the customer.

  • After the customer has checked it and signed it, the moving can then start.

It sometimes happens that a customer has paid for the extra service of movers to pack up the boxes. This helps in ensuring that they are packed correctly to avoid the possibility of any damage being done.

And Time to Move

Moving can now start, and the removalists will expertly cover anything which can get scratched, scraped or easily damaged with thick blankets. Each item is then removed and placed inside the removal truck, where they are safely strapped down so that there’s no movement during transit.

  • In the majority of cases, one of the removalists is the driver who will take everything to your new abode.

Upon arrival, the movers will then unload the truck and carry everything into the new building.

Into Reverse

Now, the whole moving procedure goes into reverse as the customer and the removalist will together tick off every numbered box or item from their inventory sheets as they are unloaded.

The perfect removal job will see to it that everything from chandeliers to office printers will all be moved perfectly on time and undamaged.

The tasks of great removalists are much more than many people think!