Bitcoin Circuit App, How To Sign-up, Special Features

Bitcoin Circuit

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

Bitcoin Circuit is a program for automated crypto trading. To use the platform, you have to register by filling out a form. Then, you have to deposit at least $250 to activate your account. Once it’s open to you, you’re free to begin trading.

The Bitcoin Circuit trading system works on complicated mechanisms which help it trade profitably 24/7. However, the program might make mistakes, so still be ready in case you lose all of your balance.

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Hits and misses of the Bitcoin Circuit app


  1. The app has one of the highest precisions among trading bots – 98%
  2. The platform is secured by the SSL encryption and verification technologies.
  3. The system makes money for you 24/7, bringing even more profits.
  4. A beginner can also make cash with the app, since it trades for the user.
  5. The minimum deposit is only $250 which is convenient for most traders.
  6. Support works 24/7 to answer all of your questions at any time of day.


  1. You might lose money with the app, since it might speculate.
  2. The trading platform is still new and not proven by time.
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Who’s behind the Bitcoin Circuit software?

Bitcoin Circuit was made by two brothers. One of them was a genius in maths starting from school. At school, he could already divide or multiply large numbers in his head. Later on, he was the one who made the software for this app.

The second brother’s speciality was his quick-thinking and craziness in actions. He was the one who proposed the idea to take the risk and try out the crypto niche. They’ve worked together to make the Bitcoin Circuit website a thing.

How does Bitcoin Circuit work?

The system works on sophisticated algorithms which were made by a genius in maths. They help the system catch even the smallest crypto market movements and make trades according to them.

For the most part, Bitcoin Circuit software makes profitable trades and the precision shows it. Even if the trade is unsuccessful, the program uses this chance to become even better.

How to quickly register at the Bitcoin Circuit trading system

To begin your journey in crypto trading, you have to login to Bitcoin Circuit. The registration at Bitcoin Circuit is simple and doesn’t require any efforts if you stick to this guide. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to sign-up on the platform.

Enter some personal information

First, you need to fill out a simple form. You should enter your future username on the website, password, email, country of residence and a mobile phone number. For faster registration, write only true information about yourself.

After that, you verify your mobile phone number to prove your identity as a real human. In addition, there is a verification technology on the website which checks if the entered data belongs to a real human or a bot.

Deposit some funds

Now, you have to make a deposit to activate your account. The minimum amount is only $250, so even people with little cash can complete this step. The transaction can be made using MasterCard, Visa or Maestro.

Once it gets approved, you can now join Bitcoin Circuit. The platform has quite a number of useful functions which you can learn if you continue reading the article. Later, you can get down to making funds with the auto trader.

A bit about trading with the Bitcoin Circuit app

Even if you can begin trading at any moment, don’t rush this process. Follow the risk management: don’t trade with your entire balance, set stop-losses to minimize the risks in a trading session. Also, make sure you know at least some fundamentals of the crypto market before trading with Bitcoin Circuit.

Is Bitcoin Circuit a scam?

No, Bitcoin Circuit isn’t a scam because it offers trading services up to this day. Moreover, users of the app are pleased with its work according to their reviews. Furthermore, the app is licensed and wouldn’t steal your money even if it wanted to.

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Is Bitcoin Circuit serious?

Bitcoin Circuit is serious about its work and was made by experts in this field. The program works on advanced algorithms which help it understand the market better than any human trader can.

Moreover, if Bitcoin Circuit was fake, such amazing effort wouldn’t be out into it. In reality, it was a tough project, realised by a genius in maths and a person who can take risks. Those are two personalities forming an amazing entrepreneurship.

Meaningful features of the Bitcoin Circuit app to use in your trading

Once you make an account, you need to meet and learn the main functionality of the platform. Here’re some of the most vital features which you should know about when using the Bitcoin Circuit website.

Demo account

A meaningful function to know about is a demo account. To begin trading, you aren’t obliged to do it with real cash. You can open a demo account and trade with unreal money.

If you’re a beginner, it’s a great way to learn a bit about crypto trading, look at the market movements, try to make trades. For advanced users, it could help get used to the application and interface, feel more comfortable when trading with real funds later on.

Withdrawal process

Once you profit enough, the withdrawal is open. Cashing out from the platform is pretty easy. Just the same as depositing. You can withdraw using MasterCard, Crypto or Visa. Bitcoin Circuit payout is quicker than on most other robots and takes just 1 day.

Payout system

The payout system is different from the withdrawal one, even though they feel and sound similar. The payout system at the Bitcoin Circuit app pays out the money you’ve earned during one trading session.

It calculates the exact amount of cash and grants it to you. A great aspect of the platform is that it doesn’t take any fees from this process. If you receive less money than you should have, then feel free to contact the support.

The SSL encryption and verification technology

Your data on the Bitcoin Circuit website is in safety thanks to the SSL socket layer. The technology encrypts your data and keeps it on the firewall. This is one of the factors which make Bitcoin Circuit legitimate and reputable.

Moreover, the platform has a verification technology. It launches when a person starts filling out the form. The system decides if the entered data belongs to an actual human or a bot trying to get onto the website.

The support team

If you have any problems with the app, the support works 24/7 and can answer any question of yours. Don’t hesitate and ask for help from the support team in case of problems. Trading is a serious activity which requires a lot of dedication and will power.

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Trade profitably on Bitcoin Circuit with these simple tricks

Now that you know the main functions and can register on the platform, you can trade. However, you probably want to trade profitably, right? Here’s a list of simple, but at the same time vital things which can help you trade better.


Before launching the robot to trade for you, remember to set a stop-loss. Stop-loss is a function which makes the bot take away the money in case of an unsuccessful trade on a certain price level.

Let’s say, the price of a token when you enter the trade is 0.26BTC and you want to close the trade at 0.27BTC. You’ve got a stop-loss at 0.25BTC. The token goes down in price and the robot takes the losses at 0.25BTC. The token goes down in price even more. The stop-loss minimised your loss and helped you save cash.


Leverage is a tricky topic. Anyone can use it, but not many use it carefully. With leverage, you can increase your potential profits, but risks grow as well. When you use 1:7 leverage at Bitcoin Circuit, for example when a token goes down 1%, you lose 7% of your entire balance.

Risk management

Don’t trade with your entire balance and don’t get greedy. These two simple rules might sound easy, even too easy. However, experience shows that people tend to break them in real trading situations.

When they lose a few trades in a row, they tend to go all-in and try to get everything back, but it doesn’t work that way. Don’t let the psychological factor get in the way of trading. Bitcoin Circuit is software and doesn’t let emotions get in its way, making its trades more stable.


To sum up, the Bitcoin Circuit app is a great choice to make passive income from crypto trading. The system trades 24/7 for you. Even if questions occur, the support solves the problems. Moreover, the site is under protection of the SSL and verification technologies. Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try this money making machine for yourself!

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