Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Cycle Trading System

Bitcoin Cycle

Cryptocurrency is a non-physical digital type of money available only in cyberspace. And it’s independent of regulation from both private individuals and the government.

In the year 2009, the first- Bitcoin, emerged and is presumed to have been created by Japanese man, Satoshi Nakamoto. From inception up until March 2010, the equivalent value of 1 bitcoin to USD was $0.003. This figure has kept increasing rapidly and as of July 2020, 1 bitcoin was worth $10,944, the highest ever figure.

Although Bitcoin is the most worthy cryptocurrency in terms of value, there are many other types of cryptocurrencies with high potentials. Hence, it seems a great idea to invest in cryptocurrency. Wondering how? Read below.

Bitcoin Cycle software

Bitcoin Cycle provides a trading platform that offers all and sundry an avenue to trade cryptocurrency effortlessly. This is with the aim of eliminating the difficulty faced by early bitcoin traders in the cryptocurrency market.

About owners

Bitcoin Cycle software is a creation of two male siblings who’re statisticians and took great pride in the beauty of algorithm. It’s evident such a combination seems well suited for the development of a successful trading system.

Furthermore, the siblings’ fascination for online trading has, over the years, helped them significantly in improving the user experience on their Bitcoin Cycle app. In order to allow users trade effectively and efficiently.

What does Bitcoin Cycle have to offer?

After a series of testing and retesting, Bitcoin Cycle has been able to proffer users with a trading platform that utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to fish out good trading opportunities. After trading opportunities have been identified, the software is further designed to execute the most appropriate trading deal and finalize it on behalf of users.

This provision has made it easier for more and more people to trade in cryptocurrency regardless of their level of experience.

Features of Bitcoin Cycle online trading platform

Bitcoin Cycle crypto trading software offers users a wide range of opportunities to make them experience an ecstatic trading session. Those features include:


Bitcoin Cycle as a reputable trading system provided its software with the best form of online security available. As a result of the day-to-day involvement of its users in crypto trading, a magnanimous amount of money passes through the system. So in order to avoid compromises, Bitcoin Cycle encrypts activities taking place on its software making it safe for use.

Automated Trading

With the help of robots who were designed with an advanced algorithm, BitcoinCycle is able to offer its users a platform that single-handedly analyzes crypto market trends. And the information derived is used to execute trading deals for users.

The replacement of manual methods with this has significantly increased the reliability of Bitcoin Cycle trading system.


An analysis of the live trading system shows trade activities carried out by the automated robots are accurate 97% of the time. This increases the chance of users to earn profits in most trade session.

Customer support

Users of Bitcoin Cycle needn’t worry about the difficulties involved in getting help, in the event of being stuck whilst trading. This is so because the platform gives 24 hours online service to its users to foster communication and improve their experience.

The customer service is provided to users over the internet and not over a phone call to ensure encryption (anonymity and confidentiality) of users’ private details.

Pros of trading with Bitcoin Cycle

Quick and free registration

In a bid to encourage users to and make it easy for them to trade cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cycle offers a hitch-free registration process that excludes unnecessary requirements.

Modern technology

The algorithm utilized by Bitcoin Cycle has speed. This allows large data to be processed in milliseconds, hence allowing users of the app to be among the first to grab new opportunities in the crypto market.

Time requirement

Traders who intend to utilize the automated mode for trading need less than 20 minutes of their daily time to set up a few things on the platform. Afterward, they can go about their normal daily activities, leaving trading in the capable hands of the robot.

Manual traders will be required to spend a little more time on the website than automated users.

User friendly

The graphical interface of BitcoinCycle is designed to ensure easy interpretation and comprehension of icons and other instructions by users.


Bitcoin Cycle software has been verified to operate in about 150 countries each within diverse continents.

Withdrawal system

After trading deals have been executed and profits have been made, users are afforded the opportunity of withdrawing their trade proceeds within a minimum of 24 hours.

Cons of Bitcoin Cycle

  • Not 100% foolproof.
  • Limited countries.
  • No mobile application.

Steps to join Bitcoin Cycle

Bitcoin Cycle account registration

  • Visit the Bitcoin Cycle official website wherein you’ll sight a registration box containing details for a login or sign up (https://bitcoinscycle.com). Click the signup button.
  • Enter your first name which is your personal name.
  • Input your last name.
  • Put in your valid e-mail address in the appropriate box.
  • Lastly, input your active phone number and click the Register button.

Congratulations! You’ve triumphantly opened your Bitcoin Cycle account. Note that the e-mail address and phone number provided will subject to verification.

Demo trading

After registration has been completed, users who’re new to cryptocurrency or those who want to improve their professionalism can participate in the demo training exercise. This can be done even before investing any money.


When all of the above condition has been successfully fulfilled, users are then required to make a deposit into their BitcoinCycleaccount. The minimum amount of the deposit is $250. This is a necessary prerequisite to start earning money as the deposit serves as a form of investment.

Live trading

Provided you have carried out all the steps, you can now begin to trade any cryptocurrency of your choice. To do this, experienced traders can decide to opt for manual trading otherwise, the automated trading option should be adopted.

How to set up Bitcoin Cycle trading mode (Manual/Auto)

  • Select the amount you wish to invest (minimum of $250).
  • Evaluate the level of risks involved with each category of cryptocurrency.
  • Select the cryptocurrency or asset you’re interested in trading.
  • Finally, select the trading strategy you wish, manual or automated.

Frequently asked questions

Does Bitcoin Cycle have a mobile application?

The answer is no. As of now, there’s no official evidence to support the existence of any mobile application for Bitcoin Cycle. To sign up for or log in to the account, however, users can go through the Bitcoin Cycle website- https://bitcoinscycle.com.

Is it difficult to use Bitcoin Cycle?

Bitcoin Cycle has done all things to ensure the most conducive environment for its users to trade. The user interface is hospitable and an automated operation mode is available to ease trading experiences.

Is Bitcoin Cycle a fake platform?

There’s no substantial proof to compromise the integrity and effectiveness of Bitcoin Cycle. Hence, it can be asserted that Bitcoin Cycle isn’t a scam.

How safe is Bitcoin Cycle trading platform?

The Bitcoin Cycle software is encrypted with SSL security which makes it safe for individuals to trade and invest on the platform.

How much do I need to start?

As stated on its website, potential users need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to begin active trading. However, the demo mode does not require any form of deposit whatsoever.

Is Bitcoin Cycle free?

The registration done in the process of opening a Bitcoin Cycle account is free of all charges. But to begin active operation on the platform, payment has to be made.

Does trading occur every day? How long does the trading take?

Yes, trading can be conducted every day and the presence of users is required on the platform every day, although for just a few minutes.

What’s the amount of profit I can make daily?

This depends on how much you invest and the risk level involved. However, there’s no limitation to profit-making with Bitcoin Cycle platform.

When can my profits be withdrawn?

Bitcoin Cycle offers one of the best payout schemes. Profits from investment and trading on the platform can be withdrawn by users at any time after transactions have been concluded. After the trade has been finalized, in a minimum of 24 hours, users are allowed to cash out their trade proceeds.

Suggestions for potential users of Bitcoin Cycle

  • Invest a little amount of money first
  • Make detailed research on the market situation and risk level associated with the asset you want to invest in.
  • It’s best to make your deposit with money that won’t negatively affect your financial status if it were to get lost. Don’t take a bank loan to invest in cryptocurrency.
  • Profits emanating from each trade session should be cashed out immediately the trade transaction is over.
  • It’s highly recommended you keep the sensitive details of your account (password especially) private in order to prevent access from unauthorized users.
  • Don’t use another person’s mobile device to log into your Bitcoin Cycle account. This is so because some devices are designed to automatically save passwords. Also, don’t use an untrusted mobile device to log in or sign up.

If all the above tips are adhered to, your experience of Bitcoin Cycle is guaranteed to be blissful.


The analysis of Bitcoin Cycle trading platform doesn’t indicate any form of deceit or exaggerated promises. Thus, it’s worth giving a shot. Notwithstanding, more research on the software should be carried out by potential users.