Bitcoin Up: A Recent Trading Market Addition That Deserves a Close-Up Review


Bitcoin Up is a robot trading platform offering a good chance of making a fortune on cryptocurrency investment. It comes with a set of significant perks over trading competitors that deserve particular attention. It is a worthy opportunity to start your investing journey and road to victory right now!

Cryptocurrency investment is gaining popularity by the day, and there are many reasons for that. Simultaneously, various trading platforms are trying to take their niche and offer robot-run services to assist those who are willing to make a fortune starting with a small investment.

Bitcoin Up is a newcomer to the cryptocurrency market, and there is not so much information as to whether users should trust bitcoin up trading system or not. In today’s review, we will center our attention on the vendor so that you can easily make up your mind on further interactions and possible investment.

Bitcoin Up – general trading vendor definition

Unlike countless cryptocurrency platforms, Bitcoin Up is relatively new to the scene. It is founded by two men who accidentally met in the park when the time was right, and a common goal united them. As the platform runners claim – their sole intentions are to develop a trading platform that outshines all the others in terms of being the most successful and profitable.

Bitcoin up software is designed in such a way that it is faster, better, and more agile than a lot of competitors. What it does is cryptocurrency market data extraction and processing to provide the potential clients with the most recent and precise information there is. Apart from that, before the platform was launched, it was heavily tested to come up with no errors or lags.

Is Bitcoin Up to be trusted?

One of the main questions that people interested in trading would wonder about – is bitcoin up legitimate? We have given the platform a test, and we can’t name it a fake. It works precisely as it should. What is more, the number of positive reviews about the platform is growing by the day. Generally, the amount of satisfied clients speaks for the vendor better than any advertising or promotion.

What is the operational process?

Before you decide to join bitcoin up, you should be aware of how it works. The platform is powered with recently-developed artificial intelligence. In other words, – machine learning. The system gathers all the information from the market, analyses it, and then presents it to the user. The investor then is able to choose profitable trades and put aside all the unprofitable ones.

It needs to be added that the vendor cooperates with several brokers who assist potential clients with trading. The brokers are chosen carefully and usually monitored by such reputable institutions as UK Financial Conduct Authority and Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Anyone can take part in trading. In case a user does not possess any experience in the trades, the personal manager is assisted in taking a potential investor through the process. Also, demo trading mode, as well as trading guides, are provided to make the transition to the Bitcoin market as smooth as possible.

Bitcoin Up – registration is free and straightforward

It will not take you a lot of time to find the platform and create an account with it. All that every user should provide is:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Email
  4. Phone number

Filling the form

When you are filling the form out, you should choose your country to provide the phone number recognized by the system. When any detail is incorrect, the system will not allow you to proceed. Also, at times, the system may be overloaded and may request that you repeat the attempt in a few minutes.

Account funding

The next logical step that a bitcoin up website requires is account funding. The minimum fee is $250, but you can always go higher if you prefer. There are no boundaries as to that. The variety of payment options that the platform accepts is wide. You can use any credit or debit card, e-wallet, wire transfer, or even bitcoin to carry out the operation. Besides, should you change your mind about the investment, you can always withdraw your funds at any time. Bitcoin up will not charge any additional fees, but your bank may, so you may want to acquire about that yourself.

Call from the personal manager

After bitcoin up registration, every investor is assigned with a personal manager. Even those already experienced with the field may require proper assistance and a complete guide through all the processes. The manager will take you through all the steps and answer your questions, if any.

Demo trading mode

After the conversation with a personal manager, you may still be reluctant as to trade ‘for real.’ That is where demo mode comes in handy. Bitcoin Up test mode allows it to experience the trading process without investing. When you are through with testing, you can continue to Live mode.

Live trading mode

Live mode is when you start investing and making money. The system is designed in such a way that it carries out the research and then relays orders automatically for chosen brokers to execute the trades. Even though the trading is done automatically, it is advised to pay attention to your account all the time to be 100% sure as to what is going on and why certain things happen.

Payment and withdrawal: hidden fees

It has already been mentioned that in order to start trading with Bitcoin Up, you need to make a minimal deposit, which is $250. You can use either your credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard), Western Union transactions, Wire Transfer, e-wallet (Neteller or Skrill) for the purpose.

As to bitcoin up payout, there are no limits on funds withdrawal. You can withdraw your funds daily without any additional fees from the vendor involved. The only thing to check is the bank fees as well as broker fees. The withdrawal amount is unlimited too. Usually, you will get your money within 48 hours, depending on a banking vendor of choice. To succeed with the operation, every user should send the corresponding request to Bitcoin Up and provide requested identification so that the withdrawal is approved.

Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Up

Does it support all currencies?

Even though most traders already know that Bitcoin is not the only type of cryptocurrency, beginners may falsely consider so. That is why it is worth pointing that Bitcoin Up supports Bitcoin cryptocurrency as well as Ethereum and Litecoin.

Is there a bitcoin up app to download?

To answer the question shortly – no. However, it should be added that you can easily browse the platform through your mobile device, laptop, and desktop without one. What you need is a stable Internet connection.

What about assets with leverage?

Bitcoin up experience involves such types of trading. Nevertheless, there is no information provided on the matter on the website. If we take average leverage widely offered in the industry, then it most certainly is 1:1000. In case you are new to the cryptocurrency world, such leverage means that any bet can become a thousand times a profit or otherwise.

The higher is the leverage, the riskier it becomes. Thus, trading with leverage is rarely advised for beginning investors. It is also recommended to refrain from automated leverage placement without your control over it since you wouldn’t want to lose all from the start. Upon bitcoin up login, a personal manager may suggest a user to spend at least a couple hours a day monitoring and taking part in trading on their own.

Is it allowed to open long and short positions?

The platform allows it to open both. However, you should cooperate with brokers in the case. Brokers are the ones to either allow or decline the offer. You should remember that long positions imply the market is going up, while short ones – going down.

Does Bitcoin Up have customer support?

There is a support team available 24/7, and every registered user can reach out to them in a way fitting for them. A potential investor can reach out to support via provided form, live chat, or email.

Bitcoin Up trading tips for attentive users

While many consider bitcoin up reputable vendor, you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely on trading robots until you are experienced enough in trading. It is advised to carry out personal research to understand the industry, its odds, and rules that will bring you closer to victory. We are going to share a few practical tips with you that may influence your trading experience positively.

  • Research cryptocurrency trading – it is a good idea to start with browsing the web and inquiring about popular types of cryptocurrencies, how they work, and how trading works. Those of you who have no experience in the industry should learn about trading risks in the first place. Knowing what blockchain technology is wouldn’t hurt. Do not forget about the trading instruments and losses. It is a bad idea to dive into trading without a proper understanding of its basics.
  • Discover cryptocurrency space – unlike the majority of other markets, the cryptocurrency market is still developing; that is why it is unstable and unpredictable at times. You need to be fully aware of how such markets usually operate before you make any investment. Going through dedicated reviews and guides is generally helpful.
  • Create a demo account – a lot of trading platforms allow it to trade in demo mode. If you have no experience in the industry or are unsure about a particular vendor, using a demo account may be of great use. When trading in the demo version, you will get a better understanding of how the given platform operates and what you can expect from it should you decide to opt for live trading.
  • Start small – many trading platforms have the lowest trading investment, and it is advised to start there. Until you are 100% sure that the vendor is to be trusted, you should refrain from investing a significant sum into it.
  • Consider the losses – while many users end up with considerable benefits in their accounts, some lose all their investment. That is why it is widely suggested that a potential investor should not invest more than they can possibly lose. Trading is never worth your financial stability, and that is the fundamental rule to memorize.


It would be unfair to call bitcoin up fake service since there are no proofs of bitcoin up scam activity. The platform offers precisely what it was designed for – cryptocurrency trading. The minimum investment is $250, which is a typical amount for the industry. However, no potential investor should be tempted by sweet promises of instant wins.

For an inexperienced user, trading market investigation is of vital importance. When you know where to start and what to expect, you can begin to cooperate with platforms like Bitcoin Up. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that trading investments do not exceed your planned expenses. Besides, trading manually is always safer than with automated assistance.