Bitcoin Investment Websites


Multiple sites and platforms proclaiming their software as being designed for acute cryptocurrency trading. It’s become hard for some individuals to navigate through the available platforms. And arrive at the best and most promising Bitcoin Trading Platform which will give users value for their hard-earned currency.

After analyzing various bitcoin trading sites, based on the consideration of some essential factors (which would be subsequently explained), 7 sites that could possibly aid you in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies satisfactorily are listed here.

Before then however, let’s take a look at what Bitcoin is all about.

Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized internet-based type of currency, independent of government tracking. And it’s also void of control unlike the physical currency generated by government financial establishments.

Most often than not, whenever a discussion on cryptocurrency is taking place, the first term that comes to the mind of many is ‘bitcoin’. This is so because Bitcoin occupies the prima interpares position in the cryptocurrency world, being the first of its kind and launched in 2009.

Other individuals and/or organizations have launched other types of cryptocurrency which includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Cardano
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Tether
  • Monero (XMR)

Amidst the existence of the above cryptocurrencies and more, it’s been discovered majority find it more comfortable to trade and invest in Bitcoin.

Seven notable Bitcoin trading platforms

Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code trading software is featured with a sophisticated programming technology that’s capable of analyzing key market trends in milliseconds. Having won many awards in the past, the most recent of which is the #1 trading software in the UK trading association, Bitcoin Code an accuracy rate that’s significantly over 90%.

In addition to the above, Bitcoin Code provides the ensuing benefits:

  • $250 minimum starting deposit.
  • Swift payout system wherein profits can be withdrawn after every trading session.
  • Anonymity and confidentiality of users’ personal data.
  • Matching of users with registered and professional brokers.

Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is one of the top bitcoin and other categories of cryptocurrencies investment sites. The software was launched in 2014 by the International Bitcoin Council (ICB). And from then down to this period, over 70% of its users have traded successfully many times. Bitcoin Up provides a convenient and hospitable user-interface, allowing persons of any age group trade successfully on the platform.
They provide users with versatile ways to fund their accounts- debit or credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, etc.
Users are provided with a trading tutorial beforehand, making their live trading session seamless.
Bitcoin Up software helps in linking registered users to brokers operating within their locality.
The software is based on a transparent financial system (DLT) with the absence of hidden fees.

Bitcoin Circuit

Also a creation of the International Council for Bitcoin (ICB), Bitcoin Circuit is another trusted bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment site offering users with a 97% trading success rate. In addition to this,

  • The software provides a system of automatic trading which is very beneficial to users with little to no cryptocurrency trading experience.
  • Ability to trade in diverse cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Peercoin, Monero, and EOS amongst others is available.
  • The software further provides users with an analysis of market activities so as to aid them in making optimal trade decisions.

Bitcoin Cycle

Bitcoin Cycle is a creation of two siblings who are both statisticians. The software employs a modern algorithm to discover, make and finalize complimentary trading deals for its users.

Also, the platform is made up of both manual and automated trading modes for users who seek to trade by themselves. And those who leave trading in the capable hands of the trading robot respectively.

Other benefits include:

  • Requires less than 20 minutes of users time per day.
  • No registration or hidden fees.
  • Allows automatic and manual trading simultaneously.
  • Requires no computer to operate. Users can access their Bitcoin Cycle trading account on their smartphones.

Bitcoin Era

This is yet another site that makes it possible and trouble-free for individuals to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company itself asserted to have aided over a thousand people to make an income of $500,000 and above.

Registration for a Bitcoin Era account is free and the processes involved are seamless and easy, even for the less technologically inclined. Below are some of the additional benefits offered by the software:

  • Leveraged trading is allowed between users and brokers.
  • A small amount of start-up capital is required to begin trading.
  • The platform has recorded a success and precise rate of over 88% and 90% respectively.

Bitcoin Era software is encrypted with SSL security, making it safe for users to trade. Furthermore, the personal details of users are protected by the layers of security designed with the software.

Bitcoin System

Bitcoin system is said to be one of the best and hospitable trading sites. Users of the software aren’t required to go through the stress of analyzing previous crypto market trends. Instead, the software contains an algorithm that helps in analyzing past and present market trends and uses the information obtained to predict possible future occurrences. Based on this, the robots are able to secure great trading deals for users.

This process of prediction has helped users of Bitcoin System in making extraordinary and unmatched profits with some other trading platforms. Other benefits provided by Bitcoin System include the following:

  • Provides customers with a 24 hours support system throughout every week.
  • The platform supports popular systems of payment which are readily available in many countries.
  • Bitcoin System software requires little to no experience on cryptocurrency trading on the part of users before they’re able to trade successfully. This is as a result of its friendly user interface.

Bitcoin Evolution

This is another trading site that gives users the chance to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies as well as foreign exchange (FOREX). Its interface is graphical and friendly, allowing users to enjoy a blissful experience.

  • In addition to the above and the following benefits, the effectiveness of Bitcoin Evolution user-broker matching system is topnotch.
  • Bitcoin Evolution offers its users with a mobile application which is 10 times more convenient to use than the regular website login.
  • The software records a 88% rate of success in terms of trading and returns from trading.
  • Users of the platform are further provided with a demo account that imitates the live trading account, before being permitted to engage in active trading.

Determinants of the best Bitcoin trading sites

To maximize satisfaction whilst using any Bitcoin or cryptocurrency investment platform, certain factors must be considered in the process of choosing among many alternatives. Such factors to keep in mind are:


Due to the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency world, it’s impossible for government security agents to track hackers who invade the account and rob the profit of users. Hence, a great Bitcoin investment platform must possess the highest level of online security available.

User interface

Any responsible bitcoin trading and investment site must design their software in a manner that allows even a newbie to navigate their way around the site easily. This will allow for the best Bitcoin trading experience.


Potential cryptocurrency traders or investors are advised to go for platforms that afford them the chance to invest not just in Bitcoin, but other types of cryptocurrencies as well. Through this, investment can be done on diverse currencies which invariably lead to multiple profit streams.

Demo version

In a bid to further ensure ease of usage, you should choose a Bitcoin investment site that’ll provide you a demo of the live bitcoin trading before you venture into active trading.

Hidden fees

Don’t choose a Bitcoin trading platform that’s not crystal clear on the phenomenon of brokers fee and any other form of commission so as to avoid later regrets.

Trading fee

It’s advisable you opt for a trading platform that offers a low amount of starting deposit in order to minimize volatility.

Payment/withdrawal options

Bitcoin investment sites that are versatile in terms of payment options should be chosen over those that aren’t. In other words, go for sites that offer payment options in operation in your area of residence.

In terms of withdrawal options, potential cryptocurrency traders are advised to settle for sites whose system of withdrawal is short and smooth. This is one of the best ways to successfully invest in bitcoin and enjoy the proceeds.

Customer service

Top-notch Bitcoin trading platforms offer 24 hours support service to customers. Traders are advised to opt for such platforms.

The above factors, when put into consideration, will help you in deciding whether to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from a platform or not.


Although the above highlight contains some of the best bitcoin trading websites, users and possible users are urged to carry out more research before settling for a cryptocurrency trading website. However in doing so, the concept of security, user-interface and diversity amongst others, as mentioned earlier on, should be taken into cognizance. Start Trading now.