Buying or Selling Real Estate Property in Switzerland


Acquiring or selling a real estate property is a demanding undertaking. You will be required to deal with many issues such as value estimation and assessment, marketing, getting permits and all other tasks that will help you buy or sell a property.

If you are looking forward to either sell or buy property in Switzerland, then it is important that as you have ideas that are in line with the country’s quality standards that relate to real estate property acquisition. Proper property acquisition or sale requires a good knowledge of the market and expertise like .

Are Foreigners Allowed To Own Property In Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the livable countries in the world. The beautiful cities full of life, top quality food, great roads and low crime rates make it very appealing even to visiting foreigners. But are non-Swiss allowed to own real estate property in the country?

Yes. Foreigners can own a property in Switzerland. Yes, they can acquire holiday homes, shops and so on.


The country adheres to a set of strict rules for foreigners who are willing to buy property. The general requirement is that you be in possession of the class C permit. You can also purchase a property like any other be Swiss citizen if your country of origin is a member of EFTA (European Free Trade Association) or EU (European Union).

Foreigners with class B residence permit are only allowed to purchase residential property. If you do not have one of the above, you may be required to apply for a real estate ownership license before making any purchases. The procedure for getting a purchase license is different and varies from one canton to the other. To get access without having to deal with the many regulations, it is advisable to hire the services of an accredited valuation company. The company will provide you with agents who can make some of the required contacts on your behalf while keeping you updated on the progress.

Getting a Reliable Real Estate Valuer in Switzerland

The main goal of property valuation is that it helps you buy or sell without many hiccups. A good valuation consultancy company should be able to access and assess the Swiss real estate market. It should have reliable access to Swiss’ wide market which helps them link you to the best buyers or sellers. Cosmos values real estate has prepared valuations worth billions making it one of the best on Switzerland’s soil.

The valuation company should be able to carry out valuation in both buying and selling contexts. This will enable them to connect both buyers and sellers. It should also be able to advise the buyer or seller on the financing options that are available in Switzerland.

While relocating to Switzerland whether as a family or as a business entity, it is advisable to source the services of a valuation company that works with all sectors of the real estate. Such a company will be able to sort out your property needs whether you are looking to purchase office property, residential or industrial, a retirement home, hostels, guest houses or any other permanent property.

If you are looking forward to selling your current property, a good real estate company should not only advice you but also provide you with a well-captured valuation. The company’s agents should also be able to expose you to more potential buyers.

Selling your property in Switzerland

Maybe you are a point where you have to leave Switzerland and you are seeing that your property will become a liability with your absentia. Your property is a valuable investment and a valuation company could come in handy by assessing, marketing and selling the property at an appropriate cost on your behalf.

As already mentioned, Switzerland is a livable country. The residents are welcoming and great to live with especially after one gets to know them. The country has a natural blend of rough and smooth terrains. So, why not get residential or work property in Swiss!