Can Crowdfunding Help Lawyers Do Humanitarian Work?


Lawyers who do work with human rights are much needed. Yet, this kind of work pays very little with most cases being pro bono, that is they are fought by lawyers who represent the victim without taking charges. Most people these lawyers fight for are too disenfranchised to be able to pay. And this is the paradox of trying to get justice within our legal system.

can help fix this situation. So, who are the lawyers who take pro bono cases? These are usually people who can afford to take pro bono cases, i.e. they earn enough to be able to take pro bono cases. But the number of such lawyers is still very small. Many others lawyers say that they would be far more willing to take up cases involving human rights violations only if it paid. From their perspective, they claim that such work is demanding and thankless.

It is obvious from this that we need far more lawyers working for human rights than we have. So, we need to bring these interested lawyers into the fold of working for human rights. Or general humanitarian work. The most obvious way of doing it so far has been to fund such work through NGOs. Some NGOs have their own lawyers litigating for various causes. But again, this is not enough. What can an individual do to take legal action when their rights are being violated? There is a smarter, newer way of funding legal aid for humanitarian causes. This is through .

So what can crowdfunding do for you if you are being disenfranchised, oppressed or violated and want to take legal action? You can set up a fundraiser for your case on a crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru. Just like medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding, this is a viable alternative to mainstream processes. Once you have set up the fundraiser, you can talk to our campaign manager to set targets and goals. As the money starts coming in from various quarters of all our connections, you can fight your case with your choice of lawyer.

However, if you are a lawyer fighting human rights cases pro bono already and would like some financial support, you can do the same. You can set up a fundraiser explaining your work and why it is important. Once you have done this, you will see the magic of . Money might come in from your own country or even internationally. Once you have got this, you can fight your case with more resources, less worries and more enthusiasm. Impact Guru typically releases the money quite quickly, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Therefore, if you are in a spot where your rights are being taken away, or your human dignity is being denied to you, you can appeal to crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru for support. Or if you are a lawyer who helps such people, you can always use our machinery to support your work and yourself.