Detailed note on Stock screener


Selecting good stocks in today’s competitive market can be a difficult task. However, with the help of stock screener you can focus on the stock market that meets your requirements and strategy. Here I have discussed about stock scanners and how can they benefit you in the long run.

Introduction to stock scanners

Stock screeneris an excellent mechanical process that allows users to segregate or differentiate between the most suitable stocks from the opponents that meet yourspecific standards that you have set for it to obtain the profitable investment. In other words, a screener helps the trader in pinpointingbetter stocks from the wide list of stocks and comparing them with their peers.

Basically there are three main components of stock scanners:

  1. Database of companies
  2. set of rules or variables
  3. stock screening engine to search the companies that satisfies the set criteria and generate a list of desired matches.

There are many different kinds of screening tools offered by stock scanners, for taking right investment decision some prefer using fundamental screener for basic analysis while other use technical screeners to focus on technical mechanism and some choose both of them to filter out the good stocks out of many available. Finviz, unclestock, chartmill,stockfetcher, zacks etc are few of the stock screeners that you can choose based on your requirements.

What’s the need?

Using a screener is very helpful in making better investment decisions. The good screeners with the help of metrics or criteria allow you to filter the right stocks out of many to attain a list of stocks that are suitable to you.

We use a stock scanner to:

  1. make research fast and easy to get the good stocks quickly
  2. To get a control and make place in the stock market
  3. To receive more trade alerts, more profitable investment though better opportunities.
  4. To save time and trade more in order to generate maximum profits.
  5. To select the most suitable stock from the entire trading market to generate maximum profits.
  6. To choose those stocks that offer lesser risk to the trader.
  7. To distinguish few most suitable stocks with specific criteria and standards.
  8. To eliminate those stock that are dangerous for the trader in the long run
  9. To achieve better decisions with the help of set variables and criteria.
  10. To make the investment in stocks cost-effective.


Undoubtedly, stock market is full of risks; you can someday win or lose. If you are willing to enter into a risk-free investment market than human-eye prediction and analysis is not sufficient. You will need a to get into the most profitable investment in the stock market. No doubt, screener is unique tool that is effective and offers satisfactoryresults to the traders. You will find many web based screening process tools online. Simply connect with any of the stock screening service provider who provides different types of tools at reasonable prices.