Five Tips for Finding Employment Overseas


Travelling around the world can be expensive, but some people have found a way to afford it by taking jobs in different countries. Working overseas usually requires having an education and some experience in certain job fields. However, there are many positions available in high-demand fields such as the oil and gas industry, technology, finance and accounting, and engineering. Here are five tips for finding employment overseas.

Let People Know

If you’re interested in moving to a certain country, such as Malaysia, let people know your intentions to do so. In many cases, spreading the word will help you find a friend of a friend who knows someone in the country where you want to move. They can help you by offering advice on how to find a job, and informing you of the type of jobs available to foreigners and how to submit your information.

Prepare a CV

While Americans usually submit a resume and a cover letter when applying for a position, most other countries use a CV. A CV stands for Curriculum Vitae and is submitted with an application when you’re interested in a particular job. It is a more thorough document than a resume because it not only includes your work history and education, but also your achievements, awards, honours, and information on any publications in which your work has appeared.

Learn the Language

Although most of the world utilises the English language for business, and English is spoken in many places, it also helps to know the native language of the location in which you wish to live. If you plan to move to Malaysia, you should learn Mandarin Chinese and Malay. However, most young Malaysians are highly educated and speak English, so if you don’t know their languages, you can still live and work there.

Search Online

Although some people will travel to their country of choice and then start looking for work there upon their arrival, you can lay the groundwork ahead of time by searching online. Since most postings by companies and recruiting firms are now done online, the Internet is a good place to find out what types of jobs are available in the location where you are moving. Searching online is a , which are posted by companies or recruiting firms seeking media specialists.

Work for a Company

An easier way to transfer to Malaysia, and many other countries, is to get a job working for a corporation that transfers people overseas. Find a business that needs people with your background working for them, get hired, and then apply for any overseas positions they may have. Not only is this an easier way to find work overseas, but it is an easier way to get into most countries. It can be difficult to gain access to a country in which you plan to live if you don’t already have a job waiting for you.

Make sure to not only research opportunities in other countries, but research the locations where you have a better chance of finding a job. Find out which neighbourhoods are safe, research how much you’ll pay for rent, and learn the local customs before moving.