How a Hosting Does Effect on an Online Business?



Are you a new starter, have already started the online business? or like to start one? In each you might have heard of aword called the ‘web hosting’ this is a quite fancy term. Web hosting means toprovide a space in theinternet world. Sounds quite complicating? Don’t worry.In this article, I will discuss the whole thing. Later we will discuss how a hosting can affectan onlinebusiness. For more details, you might want to look at .

Guys so before going to discuss such a fuzzy topic, let me clear up the idea of hosting some examples and analogy.

What is hosting?

Suppose you have built a website. Maybe now it’s on your developer’s pc. So, the website can only be accessed by your developer. You or other might not be able to access it. So what it needs is basically to make it public. I mean to be available on the internet. So you need to upload the file to the computer where it can be easily accessed by thousands of user by the internet. Now the file is online. You basically uploaded and stored the file one drive called server. The service provider whenever gives you the ownership or shared use of their server is known as web hosting.

There are mainly 3 types of web hosting

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual Private hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Effect of hosting for online business

Whenever it comes to online business web hosting turns out to be an important issue. As your success or loss on online project hugely depends on your server. In this section, we are going to discuss the good sides of thebetter service provider and thenegative impact of inferior web hosting providers.

Advertisement and controlled branding

Whenever you are starting an online business like own ane-commerce site, drop shipping, Blogging, Online Video or Information service, you need to have your own site to increase your visitors and do your own marketing.

In this case, web hosting comes along. Basically, after buying a domain name from domain service providerlater, you need a space on theweb for theavailability of the website. Now you need some web hosting service provider to provide space on the internet for your site.

Site ranking

Internet search engine like Google ranks every site on the basis of different categories. SEO make sure, the site ranking as top from a keyword search. One of the main criteria in Google’s site ranking is Website loading time. If you choose an unfamiliar web hosting provider,then you might not see your site in the top ranking with other sites.As it would take a longer time to load. So unauthenticated web hosting provider means, increasing the website loading time and lower the site ranking.

Unsecured in revenue

There are already many web service hosting providers available in online who are reputed in their job. They have agood reputation and encrypted system as well as anexcellent security expert to control over your data all the time. So choosing such web host is undoubtedly a good choice. But choosing reputed and well-knownhost provider is always a right decision rather than choosing an unsafe and local one. They might be cheap but can’t store your valuable data and client information with aguarantee. If there is any fall of power, your website is down for several hours.That’s offensive to our site users as well as bad for reputation. So investing money is, of course, an unsafe decision.

Protection against hacking

Hacking is always a nightmare for online service providers and users. Especially for the server providers its equivalent to a disaster. So during suspicious activity on the server,cybersecurity experts identify the threat and eliminate it. This check-up goes on aregularbasis if you are thinking of reputed service provider. They have enough protection and firewall protection in the system to eliminate such threat. So they also protect your data from apotential threat. If by any means server goes down. They always have backup data for protection. This is quite rare with local and unknown ones.

Technology based website like also hosted in SiteGround hosting. You probably know that a large number of tech lover love to read tech article like windows, mobile, apple update etc. So, every technology based website host their site good company.

How to get the best hosting experience?

To get the best hosting service experience you have to check up and ensure homework on your hosting provider.

So always keep this in mind:

  1. Know hosting needs.
  2. Investigate to find the reliability of your service provider.
  3. Check on the features provided by your service provider.
  4. Look at the sign-up
  5. Look the hosting control panel to learn about the control you can have.
  6. See the provider’s reputation and feedback at online.
  7. Try to look for Back-up and support.

Now there are some other activities you might do to ensureif you are choosing the best hosting experience.

Server reliability

Check for the uptime score for your server. If that’s 99% then you are choosing the right one. If you get alesser result, it’s better to avoid that one. You can easily get this score from anonline review. If you wish you can get that by server monitor tool which is easily available in online.

Server upgrading option

Lots of web hosting providers allow server upgrading option. It’sa wise choice to use web hosting service from such one. You will have an option for upgrading your server. To upgrade from ashared server to VPS or Dedicated servers.As a new user you can take shared server for use but as you grow your business you should try to upgrade to bigger one.

Price ranging from Hosting

There are three types of server available to use, the shared one,Virtual private one and the dedicated server.

Price range differs according to its variety of user control and features

Shared server

It’s something very popular among new service user. Due to its cheap price and attractive features,it’s very popular. Here there are hundreds and thousands of shared user who is using the computer orserver by sharing among each other. Its price range is about 5-10$ per month.

Virtual private server

It’s like using a certain portion of thecomputer of the designated server by owning it. It’s like owning a big flat.It’s almost like ashared server but the difference is;it has unique software for theuser to have better control over theserver.Its price ranges from 15-50-$ per month from theservice provider.

Dedicated server

This is equivalent to owning a whole building in an area. A portion of the server is reserved for the dedicated user. The computer used here is separated from the others and treated with special care. The price of such one ranges from 150-200$ per month.


Web hosting is necessary if you want to open your own site after creating a domain name. So choose wisely which package suits you most. Better choose a reputed provider with upgradeable server facility. As your data safety along with your clients is secure there. This web hosting really helps the business to grow bigger. Cause it gives access to your content and service to a huge number of users. No doubt SiteGround Web Hosting Reviews helped a lot of users to choose a proper web hosting service provider.